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VITREOUS MICROSURGERY (Book + eBook)-9781975168353
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Written by a world-renowned pioneer in vitreoretinal surgery, Vitreous Microsurgery, 6th Edition, is an up-to-date, comprehensive how-to guide to all vitreoretinal procedures. Dr. Steve Charles, along with Drs. Stephen Huddleston and Jonathan Brugger, takes readers step by step through the decision-making process for evaluating the best course of treatment, and describes in detail clinically proven methods of managing the anterior and posterior segment vitreous surgery patient in a systematic manner. Numerous algorithms assist with intraoperative decision making, relying on knowledge of physical principles and performed in the order of ascending risk.

- Presents material in a systematic, building block approach with general methodology preceding its application to specific disease states.
- Includes significant updates to all existing chapters, as well as new coverage of 3D visualization, endoscopy, intraoperative OCT, anti-VEGF for ROP in addition to of laser, 2-needle in-office silicone emulsification removal, 2-needle in-office PFO droplet removal, and macular patch graft.
- Discusses alternative approaches for surgical treatments as well as their pros and cons.
- Features more than 180 3-dimensional, full-color illustrations-many by the Charles Retina Institute""s renowned graphic artist, Byron Wood-for clear visualization of techniques, as well as new OCT images and new photographs.
- Offers unparalleled instruction, pearls, and tips from Dr. Steve Charles, a pioneering leader in the development of vitreoretinal surgical techniques and instruments.

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SECTION I Presurgical Evaluation and Imaging
Chapter 1 Presurgical Evaluation and Decision-Making
SECTION II Surgical Technology and Techniques
Chapter 2 Surgical Systems and Tools, and Operating Room Organization
Chapter 3 The Alcon Constellation Vision System
Chapter 4 Visualization and Illumination
Chapter 5 3D Visualization for Vitreoretinal Surgery
Chapter 6 Endoscopy and Intraoperative OCT
Chapter 7 Anesthesia Considerations for Vitreoretinal Surgery
Chapter 8 General Posterior Segment Techniques
Chapter 9 Endocyclophotocoagulation
Chapter 10 Combined Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy
Chapter 11 Vitrectomy Techniques and Technology for Anterior Segment Problems
SECTION III In-Office Procedures
Chapter 12 In-Office Procedures
SECTION IV Disease-Specific Management
Chapter 13 Laser Treatment of Retinal Breaks and Laser Delimiting
Chapter 14 Scleral Buckling
Chapter 15 Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment
Chapter 16 Giant Breaks
Chapter 17 Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Chapter 18 Epimacular Membranes, Vitreomacular Traction Syndrome, Macular Schisis
Chapter 19 Macular Holes
Chapter 20 Diabetic Retinopathy
Chapter 21 Management of Retinal Vein Occlusions
Chapter 22 Surgical Management of Choroidal Neovascular Membranes
Chapter 23 Trauma
Chapter 24 Endophthalmitis
Chapter 25 Vitrectomy for Uveitis
Chapter 26 Retinopathy of Prematurity
Chapter 27 Pediatric Traction Retinal Detachments
Chapter 28 Inadvertent Ocular Penetration
Chapter 29 Management of Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage
Chapter 30 Surgical Self-Education

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