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Given the growing elderly population that may have grown up with congenital or acquired valve disease, many more patients than ever before will require valve repair, thus increasing health care costs not only with surgical operations, but also with hospitalization. Percutanous valve repair, while requiring a cath lab team, does not involve bypass machines or extended hospitalization, therefore prompting a huge movement toward percutanous valve repair, which should not only cut hospital costs and potential loss of earnings for the patient, but should also reduce patient morbidity and mortality.

The first book to be published on this new and fast-paced technique, Transcatheter Valve Repair discusses all aspects related to percutaneous and established valve repair methods. Divided into major sections covering all four valves, each section contains several chapters discussing everything related to that valve. Beginning with the pulmonary valve, since it was the first to be tackled in the cath lab, the book then moves on to the aortic, the mitral and finally the tricuspid valve.

With editors and authors who are pioneers in transcatheter valve repair, Transcatheter Valve Repair is undoubtedly a highly useful resource for interventional cardiologists, both adult and pediatric, in the field.

Section 1 - The Pulmonary Valve
1) Embryology/Pathology of the pulmonary valve both in stenosis and regurgitation
2) Pulmonary Regurgitation
3) Assessment of the pulmonary valve with magnetic resonance imaging
4) Hemodynamic evaluation of pulmonary valve disease. Part I: pediatric perspectives
5) Hemodynamic evaluation of pulmonary valve disease. Part II: adult perspectives
6) Impact of emerging technologies in cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery- Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation
7) Established techniques for repair/replacement of the pulmonic valve
8) Small intestinal submucosa-a new generation of valve replacement
9) Available Transcatheter pulmonary valves: Perventricular Technique with Shelhigh valve
10) Available transcatheter pulmonary valves- Bonhoeffer valve
11) Extending the present limitations and indications of percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement to small patients and large ventricular outflow tracts

Section 2 -The Aortic Valve
12) Aortic Stenosis: Pathophysiology, clinical, and echocardiographic manifestations
13) Hemodynamic Evaluation of aortic valve disease and Indications for repair/replacement
14) Impact of new percutaneous techniques of aortic valve replacement on cardiology/cardiac surgical practice
15) Established Methods of aortic valve repair and replacement
16) Non-surgical aortic valve replacement: history, present and future perspectives
17) Clinical Experience with the Percutaneous Heart Valve for treatment of degenerative aortic stenosis
18) The CoreValve in the Aortic Position
19) Development of a Nanosynthesized Metallic Percutaneous Aortic Valve

Section 3 - The Mitral Valve
20) Embryology of the mitral valve and Pathology of mitral valve stenosis, Regurgitation
21) Mitral valve disease
22) MRI/CT Scan evaluation of the mitral valve
23) Invasive Hemodynamics for the assessment of the mitral valve
24) Impact of emerging percutaneous techniques on Cardiology and cardiac surgical practice
25) Established methods of surgical mitral valve repair and replacement
26) Percutaneous leaflet repair for mitral regurgitation using the Evalve edge-to-edge clip technique
27) Available Transcatheter mitral valve repair techniques: CS method
28) A Hybrid approach to the mini-invasive replacement of the mitral valve

Section 4 - The Tricuspid Valve
29) Evaluation of the tricuspid valve using MRI
30) Hemodynamic evaluation of tricuspid stenosis and regurgitation. Indications for repair and replacement
31) Established surgical methods for tricuspid valve repair and replacement
32) Available devices for percutaneous replacement of the tricuspid valve

Section 5 - Tissue Engineering
33) Different tissues for valves: How to choose the right tissue

Section 6 - Valve Testing
34) Valve testing: Durability and beyond

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