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TOTAL ANKLE REPLACEMENT‚ A Practical Guide to Surgical Management

TOTAL ANKLE REPLACEMENT- A Practical Guide to Surgical Management-9783031568091
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This book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of ankle osteoarthritis pathologies and solutions for successful ankle replacement surgery. The opening chapters examine the anatomical basics and biomechanical features essential for understanding each pathological condition and achieving a well-balanced and stable replaced ankle.

The authors further illustrate the diagnostic work-up, pre-operative planning, indications, and contraindications. Providing step-by-step guidance through the most updated surgical techniques, many of which they have pioneered themselves, they complement the path toward successful replacement surgery. Besides primary arthroplasty, the volume focuses particularly on revising failed total ankle arthroplasty and provides new insights into the possibilities and limitations of salvaging a painful ankle arthrodesis with an ankle prosthesis.

A wealth of intraoperative photographs of unique quality, combined with a consistent structureand a problem-oriented approach, make this book a must-read for all foot and ankle surgeons. Moreover, it is a valuable source of information for residents wishing to gain insights into end-stage osteoarthritic ankles and for researchers and physiotherapists seeking to understand the clinician""s view on their work.

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