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A classic textbook and a student favourite, Tidy""s Physiotherapy aims to reflect contemporary practice of physiotherapy and can be used as a quick reference by the physiotherapy undergraduate, for major problems that they may encounter throughout their study, or while on clinical placement. Tidy""s Physiotherapy is a resource which charts a range of popular subject areas. It also encourages the student to think about problem-solving and basic decision-making in a practice setting, presenting case studies to consolidate and apply learning.

In this fifteenth edition, new chapters have been added and previous chapters withdrawn, continuing its reflection of contemporary education and practice. Chapters have again been written by experts who come from a wide range of clinical and academic backgrounds. The new edition is complemented by an accompanying online ancillary which offers access to over 50 video clips on musculoskeletal tests, massage and exercise and an image bank along with the addition of crosswords and MCQs for self-assessment.

Now with new chapters on:

- Reflection
- Collaborative health and social care / interprofessional education
- Clinical leadership
- Pharmacology
- Muscle imbalance
- Sports management
- Acupuncture in physiotherapy
- Management of Parkinson""s and of older people
- Neurodynamics

Part of the Physiotherapy Essentials series - core textbooks for both students and lecturers!

Key Features:

- Covers a comprehensive range of clinical, academic and professional subjects
- Annotated illustrations to simplify learning
- Definition, Key Point and Weblink boxes
- Online access to over 50 video clips and 100""s of dowloadable images

1. The responsibilities of being a physiotherapist
2. Collaborative health and social care, and the role of interprofessional education
3. Clinical leadership
4. Pharmacology
5. Reflection
6. Management of respiratory diseases
7. Adult spontaneous and conventional mechanical ventilation
8. Cardiac rehabilitation
9. Physiotherapy in thoracic surgery
10. Changing relationships for promoting health
11. Musculoskeletal assessment
12. The physiotherapy management of inflammation, healing and repair
13. Exercise in rehabilitation
14. Muscle imbalance
15. Biomechanics
16. Sports management
17. Pain
18. Acupuncture in physiotherapy
19. Electrotherapy
20. Physiotherapy for people with major amputation
21. Massage
22. An introduction to fractures
23. Joint arthroplasty
24. Physiotherapy management of Parkinson""s and of older people
25. Neurodynamics
26. Neurological physiotherapy
27. Physiotherapy in women""s health

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