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With coverage of every aspect of the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of fractures involving the tibial plateau, Tibial Plateau Fractures delivers authoritative, up-to-date guidance on these complex injuries in one convenient source. Focused, easy-to-read content is presented in a templated, bulleted format for quick reference, providing easy access to the knowledge and experience of editor Dr. John Riehl and expert contributing authors. Numerous high-quality x-rays, MRIs, and clinical photos guide you step by step through the care of patients with tibial plateau fractures.

- Offers in-depth coverage of everything from evaluation, temporizing care, and complex decision-making involving implants and soft-tissue reconstruction to new and emerging technologies in this rapidly evolving field.
- Provides complete, well-illustrated operative coverage.
- Includes case examples and authors"" tips and clinical pearls at the end of every chapter.
- Brings you up to speed with current treatment of associated soft tissue injuries and newer fixation options as well as open reduction techniques and arthroplasty.
- Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Chapter 1: Anatomy: will describe the relevant anatomy of the tibial plateau including bony, ligamentous, and muscular anatomy with pictures and descriptions with commonly used surgical approaches for fixation.
Chapter 2: Mechanism, Evaluation, and Temporary Treatments: this chapter will describe the demographic data for these fractures, give detailed information on the evaluation from history taking to physical exam, to radiographic evaluation and how to decide what imaging to obtain. Additionally, initial emergency department management and temporary splinting vs external fixation will be discussed.
Chapter 3: Nonsurgical Treatment: Indications for nonsurgical treatment and detailed evidence based descriptions on how to perform nonsurgical treatment.
Chapter 4: External Fixation: Indications and techniques for both temporary and definitive external fixation of tibial plateau fractures
Chapter 5: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation: Indications and techniques for open treatment of tibial plateau fractures
Chapter 6: Treatment of Associated Soft Tissue Injuries: Indications and techniques for soft tissue repair/reconstruction associated with tibial plateau fractures
Chapter 7: Postoperative Care/Rehabilitation: postoperative care including wound care, weight bearing, exercises, rehabilitation for a wide spectrum of tibial plateau injuries
Chapter 8: Complications: common complications associated with tibial plateau fractures (such as compartment syndrome, wound healing issues, post-traumatic arthritis, etc) and methods of treating these complications.

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