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THE ORIGIN OF VENTRICULAR ARRHYTHMIAS‚ Vol.2 Using the ECG as a key tool for localization

THE ORIGIN OF VENTRICULAR ARRHYTHMIAS- Vol.2 Using the ECG as a key tool for localization-9781942909415
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The first volume of The Origins of Ventricular Arrhythmias: Using the ECG as a Key Tool for Localization highlights the value of the 12-lead ECG for the localization of sites of origin or exit sites of ventricular arrhythmias.

For this second volume of 30 cases, the author also emphasizes the anatomic relationship of arrhythmia origins by complementing the tracings with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and real-time echocardiographic data that will help visualize the actual location of ablation target sites. The value of appropriate imaging, in addition to the 12-lead ECG, is highlighted throughout.

This book will aid in the understanding of the localizing value of the 12-lead ECG for ventricular arrhythmias, which is key for successfully targeting these arrhythmias using catheter ablation.

Case 1: PVC and VT with an intramural anterobasal left ventricular origin
Case 2: PVCs originating from the intramural basal myocardium
Case 3: PVC originating from the tricuspid annulus
Case 4: Ventricular arrhythmias with an intramural septal origin
Case 5: VT originating from the lateral tricuspid annulus
Case 6: PVC originating from the inferior mitral annulus
Case 7: VT due to bundle branch reentry
Case 8: VT originating from the intramural LVOT
Case 9: VT originating from the septal bands in the right ventricle
Case 10: VT originating from the intramural myocardium between left sinus of Valsalva and the great cardiac vein
Case 11: PVC originating from the anterolateral papillary muscle
Case 12: PVC from the intramural septal outf low tract
Case 13: Post-infarction VT originating from the septum
Case 14: PVC originating from the parahisian area
Case 15: VTs originating from scar at the mitral valve annulus
Case 16: VT originating from the epicardial crux of the heart
Case 17: VT originating from the tricuspid valve annulus
Case 18: VT originating from scar close to the inferoseptal mitral annulus
Case 19: PVC originating from the epicardial inferobasal septum
Case 20: PVC originating from the intramural inferoseptum
Case 21: PVC originating from the posterior mitral annulus
Case 22: VT originating from scar at the mitral annulus
Case 23: VT originating from the intramural septum
Case 24: PVC originating from the Purkinje fiber system
Case 25: VT originating from the anterobasal left ventricular epicardium
Case 26: VT originating from the basal right ventricular free wall
Case 27: PVC originating from the anterobasal LVOT
Case 28: PVC originating from the anterobasal intramural LVOT
Case 29: VT originating from scar in the anterior left ventricular free wall
Case 30: VT originating from the subepicardial anterior left ventricle

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