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THE FOOT IN DIABETES-9781119445814
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Fully revised and updated edition of this popular book, addressing all issues concerning the diabetic foot, one of the most prevalent problems in diabetes, with a strong emphasis on practical aspects of delivering care.

1. Epidemiology and economic impact of diabetic foot ulceration
2. Cost of Diabetic Foot Disease in England
3. Epidemiology of amputation and the influence of ethnicity
4. The diabetic foot worldwide:
a. India - V Wiswanathan, Chennai.
b. Pakistan - Abdul Bashit, Karachi, Pakistan.
c. Sub-Saharan Africa - Z Abbas, Dar es Salam, Tanzania.
d. South America - H Pedrosa, Brasilia, Brazil.
e. Romania - N Gavan, Bucharest.
f. Pacific region - S Kono, Kyoto, Japan.
g. Middle East Samir Khalil, Alexandria, Egypt
h. Australasia - PA Lazzarini, Queensland, Australia.
5. Diabetic Neuropathy
6. The Pathway to Ulceration: Aetiopathogenesis and Screening
7. Biomechanics of the Diabetic Foot for the Uninitiated
8. Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Diabetic Foot Ulceration
9. What role for the plain radiograph of the diabetic foot?
10. Imaging of the diabetic foot: computerised tomography, magnetic resonance imaging or other?
11. Gait and exercise training in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
12. Smart technology in the prevention of foot ulceration
13. How to assess the quality of clinical trials for diabetic foot ulcer therapies
14. Surgery or endovascular intervention in diabetic peripheral vascular disease:
a. Surgical
b. Endovascular
15. In patient diabetic foot care
16. Global overview of diabetic foot infection and its management
17. Surgical approach to diabetic foot infections
18. Dressings - is there an evidence base?
19. Pathogenesis of Charcot neuroarthropathy and acute management
20. Surgical reconstruction of the Charcot foot
21. Amputation - from minor to major
22. Rehabilitation of the amputee
23. Surgery for the diabetic foot: prophylactic and osteomyelitis surgery - is there an evidence base?
24. Footwear and Orthoses for People with Diabetes
25. The Diabetic Foot in Remission
26. Setting up a Diabetic Foot Clinic
28. Regenerative Medicine and the Diabetic Foot
29. Role of the plastic surgeon in diabetic foot care
30. Algorithms for diabetic foot care:
a. Management of the hot swollen foot
b. Approach to the new diabetic foot ulceration
c. Vascular evaluation
d. Diabetic foot infection

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