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THE EHRA BOOK OF PACEMAKER‚ ICD AND CRT TROUBLESHOOTING‚ Vol.2‚ Case-based learning with multiple cs

THE EHRA BOOK OF PACEMAKER- ICD AND CRT TROUBLESHOOTING- Vol.2- Case-based learning with multiple cs-9780192844170
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Following the success of the first volume of the EHRA Book of Pacemaker, ICD and CRT Troubleshooting, a second volume with new cases has now been developed. A timely addition to the European Society of Cardiology""s portfolio, as device therapy has seen many new developments since the first volume, including the advent of leadless pacing, conduction system pacing, and subcutaneous ICDs, amongst other novelties. These new technologies are covered in the book, as are general device troubleshooting issues that were not presented in the first volume.

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