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Learn to master cleft palate and lip repair techniques with high-quality videos by renowned surgeons

In cleft surgery, a detailed understanding of the steps in the operation is uncompromisingly important to learning and mastering techniques. Step-by-step illustrations and photographs still leave much of the story untold. The Duke Cleft Video Collection by Jeffrey R. Marcus and Anna R. Carlson fills all gaps in existing step-wise instructional materials that have been the mainstay of traditional surgical teaching. "While a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million." This remarkable video collection provides unparalleled visual insights on a comprehensive selection of core surgical procedures for repair of cleft lip and palate. Presented on a convenient flash drive with a concise supplementary booklet, the videos feature a novel capture method, high-quality production, and expert insights.

Key features of the video collection:
- The intraoral videoscopic method, developed by the authors, provides a complete field of view of procedures that are challenging to teach and learn otherwise due to visibility constraints in the surgical field
- Different approaches for a wide range and severity of deformities are presented, covering flaps, bone grafting, and revision surgeries
- Twenty-seven high-quality videos with nearly six hours of total footage encompass a full spectrum of cleft repair procedures across the age continuum

This is a must-have, insightful video companion for pediatric plastic reconstructive and maxillofacial surgeons to access on computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Video 1 Cleft Lip: Fisher Repair Markings
Video 2 Cleft Lip: Left Unilateral Incomplete
Video 3 Cleft Lip: Right Unilateral Incomplete
Video 4 Cleft Lip: Left Unilateral Incomplete (Microform)
Video 5 Cleft Lip: Left Unilateral Complete
Video 6 Cleft Lip: Left Unilateral Complete
Video 7 Cleft Lip: Right Unilateral Complete
Video 8 Cleft Lip: Minor Lip Revision
Video 9 Cleft Lip: Bilateral Asymmetric
Video 10 Cleft Lip: Bilateral Symmetric Complete
Video 11 Atypical Facial Clefts: Unilateral Tessier 7
Video 12 Atypical Facial Clefts: Bilateral Tessier 7
Video 13 Cleft Palate: Furlow Double-Opposing Z-plasty, Submucous Cleft Palate
Video 14 Cleft Palate: Furlow Double-Opposing Z-Plasty, Veau II Palate
Video 15 VPI: Palatoplasty Revision with Furlow Technique
Video 16 Cleft Palate: Bardach Two-Flap Palatoplasty
Video 17 Cleft Palate: Von Langenbeck Palatoplasty
Video 18 Alveolar Bone Graft Harvest from Iliac Crest
Video 19 Alveolar Bone Graft and Minor Lip Revision
Video 20 Bilateral Alveolar Bone Graft
Video 21 VPI: Sphincter Pharyngoplasty
Video 22 VPI: Pharyngeal Flap
Video 23 VPI: Buccal Flap Palatal Lengthening
Video 24 Cleft Septorhinoplasty and Turbinate Reduction
Video 25 Cleft Lip: Revision of Manchester Repair
Video 26 Cleft Lip: Nasal Revision with Ear Cartilage
Video 27 Cleft Lip: Nasal Revision with Triple V-Y Columellar Lengthening

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