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THE DIZZY PATIENT (The Clinics of North America‚ Vol.54)

THE DIZZY PATIENT (The Clinics of North America- Vol.54)-9780323896740
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This issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics, guest edited by Drs. Maja Svrakic and Meredith E. Adams is devoted to The Dizzy Patient. This issue is one of six selected each year by our series consulting editor, Dr. Sujana S. Chandrasekhar. With its broad differential diagnosis and significant impact on quality of life, dizziness is a common symptom that presents substantial diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. This issue focuses on the clinical evaluation and management of the range of dizziness symptomatology and syndromes.

Articles in this issue include: Overview of dizziness in practice Interviewing and counseling the dizzy patient with focus on quality of life The efficient dizziness history and exam Efficient use of audiovestibular testing Neuroimaging of dizziness and vertigo Positional vertigo Acute vestibular syndrome and ER presentations of dizziness Chronic central vestibulopathies for the otolaryngologist Vestibular migraine and its comorbidities Progressive and degenerative peripheral vestibular disorders The dizzy child Neuropsychology of dizziness and related disorders Non-vestibular dizziness Vestibular therapy and fall risk assessment Current and emerging medical therapies for dizziness Allergy, immunotherapy and alternative treatments for dizziness and New frontiers in managing the dizzy patient.

Overview of Dizziness in Practice
Interviewing and Counseling the Dizzy Patient with Focus on Quality of Life
The Efficient Dizziness History and Exam
Efficient Use of Vestibular Testing
Neuroimaging of Dizziness and Vertigo
Positional Vertigo
Acute Vestibular Syndrome and ER Presentations of Dizziness
Chronic Central Vestibulopathies for the Otolaryngologist
Vestibular Migraine and Its Comorbidities
Progressive and Degenerative Peripheral Vestibular Disorders
The Dizzy Child
The Neuropsychology of Dizziness and Related Disorders
Nonvestibular Dizziness
Vestibular Physical Therapy and Fall Risk Assessment
Current and Emerging Medical Therapies for Dizziness
Allergy, Immunotherapy, and Alternative Treatments for Dizziness
New Frontiers in Managing the Dizzy Patient

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