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This comprehensively updated new edition provides patients and their physicians (especially non-oncologist healthcare providers) with a clear and concise introduction to cancer immunotherapy. Unlike traditional forms of cancer therapy, immunotherapy acts by boosting the patient""s own immune system to fight cancer immunotherapy""s unique features make its management, monitoring and side-effects different from those of traditional cancer therapy. Especially novel are the side effects of cancer immunotherapy, necessitating greater awareness for both patients and physicians in order to minimize complications and maximize benefits.

The patient-friendly and state-of-the-art knowledge presented in this book will inform patients and their care providers about the benefits and risks of cancer immunotherapy, and help them to understand how immunotherapy would control their unique disease. Researchers and academic professionals in the field of cancer immunotherapy will also find clear, useful information to help them communicate with patients and address unresolved issues.

Key features include:

Expertise. Editors and authors are scientists and oncologists specializing in cancer immunotherapy, involved in scientific discovery from the early stage of immune-checkpoint inhibitors to today""s patient care. Their insights, expertise and experience guarantee high quality and authority in the science, medicine and practice of cancer immunotherapy.

Patient-friendly. This book is written specifically for cancer patients considering or undergoing immunotherapy. As an educational tool, this book will help the reader to understand the underlying science, balance the risks and benefits based on both research and clinical facts, and make an informed decision regarding their treatment options.

Disease Specificity. Cancer is a complicated disease involving multiple stages and pathology. Its response to immunotherapy is individualized and varies depending on cancer types. The authors"" expertise in treating different types of cancers, including melanoma, lung, kidney, bladder, breast, and lymphoma, provides disease-specific insights in applying immunotherapy to each disease.

State-of-the-Art. This edition has been comprehensively updated to reflect recent advances, including detailed coverage of the latest therapies like CAR-T, TIL, immune checkpoint inhibitors and bispecific T cell engaging antibodies, and dedicated chapters on breast cancer, solid organ transplant recipients, GI and genitourinary malignancies, and resistant cancer.

Aimed at patients and non-oncologist care providers as a resource when seeking immunotherapy as a treatment option

Detailed focus on various cancers provides disease-specific insights, clinical studies, and risk/benefit analysis

Comprehensively updated to address the latest immunotherapies and expanded coverage of disease-specific scenarios

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