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Comprehensive and heavily illustrated, the Textbook of Neonatal Dermatology offers a unique reference for anyone involved in the treatment of dermatologic disease in newborns. It includes discussions of common and uncommon conditions seen in infants at birth and in the first few months of life. In addition to over 500 superb photographs of normal and abnormal cutaneous skin conditions, this latest edition also includes new algorithms, new tables, and more than 150 new color photos. You also get the latest information on fetal skin development, barrier function, percutaneous absorption, the skin of the premature infant, toxicology and iatrogenic and traumatic injuries, and more.


Includes up-to-date genetic analyses of neonatal complications, useful for communicating prognosis and likelihood of recurrence in future pregnancies.
Covers infant skin care and toxicology using easy-to-read tables.
Provides simple-to-use text and tables for quick reference during daily practice.

What""s New

New Care Plan boxes help you to outline your diagnosis and treatment plan.
Differential diagnosis algorithms guide you to more effective decision making.
New illustrations and photos provide even more visual examples than before.

1. Fetal Skin Development
2. Structure and function of newborn skin
3. Lesional Morphology and Assessment
4. Skin of the premature infant
5. Neonatal skin care and toxicology
6. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
7. Transient benign cutaneous lesions in the newborn
8. Iatrogenic and traumatic injuries
9. Developmental abnormalities
10. Vesicles, pustules, bullae, erosions and ulcerations
11. Epidermolysis
12. Bacterial infections
13. Viral infections
14. Fungal infections, infestations and parasitic infections in neonates
15. Eczematous Disorders
16. Diaper Area
17. Erythrodermas the red scaly baby
18. Disorders of cornification (Ichthyosis)
19. Inflammatory and purpuric eruptions

20. Vascular stains, malformations and tumors
21. Hypopigmentation disorders
22. Hyperpigmentations disorder
23. Lumps, bumps and Hamartomas
24. Disorders of subcutaneous tissue
25. Neoplastic and infiltrative
26. Selected hereditary diseases
27. Neonatal mucous membrane disorders
28. Hair disorders
29. Nail defects

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