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This text aims to provide a comprehensive review of general emergency surgery, the branch of medicine that treats patients presenting to the hospital with a wide variety of emergency conditions. It includes a section focusing on clinical aspects, management, logistics, patient cohorts and perioperative considerations in the context of general emergency surgery and trauma. Other sections describe various conditions and diseases in specific anatomical structures to enable readers to easily find the information they need. Written and edited by international experts and opinion leaders in the field, this book is a valuable reference resource for general and emergency surgeons, trauma surgeons, emergency physicians and nurses. It will also be of interest to residents, students and all other healthcare professionals involved in the management of emergency surgical patients.

Part I. General Consideration
1. History of Emergency General Surgery
2. General Approach to Emergency General Surgery
3. Evaluation of Traumatic and Nontraumatic Patients
4. Prioritizing Acute Care Surgery and Trauma Patients
5. Triage
6. Mass Casualties
7. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Emergency General Surgeons
8. Systemic Response to Injury
9. Coagulation and Thrombosis
10. Septic Shock
11. Hypovolemic Shock
12. Principles of Perioperative Management in Acute Care Surgery
13. Critical Care Medicine
14. Fluid and Blood Management in Traumatic and Non-traumatic Surgical Emergencies
15. Compartment Syndrome
16. Antibiotic and Antimicotic Therapy
17. Pain Management
18. Damage Control Surgery
19. Nutritional Support
20. Palliative Care in the ICU
21. Immunosuppression in Surgical Patients
22. Pregnant Women
23. Geriatrics: Traumatic and Non-traumatic Surgical Emergencies
24. Pediatrics
25. Cirrhotic Patients
26. Management of Animal Bites: A Global Perspective
27. Burns, Inhalation, and Lightning Injury
28. Blast: Mechanisms of Injury and Implications upon Treatment
29. Major Bleeding Management and REBOA
30. Robotics
31. Emergency and Trauma Surgery During Epidemia and Pandemia
32. Principles of Management of Surgical Complications
33. Iatrogenic Complications of Digestive Endoscopy
34. End-of-Life Care, Including the Role of Intensive Care in Tissue and Organ Donation
35. Futility of Care and Palliative Care
36. Communication in Emergency General Surgery
37. Patient Safety and Risk Management
38. Quality Evaluation in Emergency General Surgery

Part II. Head, Face and Neck
39. Head and Brain Trauma
40. Emergency Surgical Access to the Neck
41. Face and Neck Infections
42. Trauma to the Face
43. Traumatic Neck Injuries
44. Management of Neck Surgery Complications

Part III. Thorax and Mediastinum
45. Emergency Surgical Access to the Thorax
46. Empyema
47. Hemothorax and Pneumothorax
48. Chest Trauma
49. Thoracic Vascular Trauma
50. Resuscitative Thoracotomy
51. Cardiac Trauma and Tamponade
52. Management of Cardiothoracic Surgery Complications
53. Acute Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease

Part IV. Abdomen
54. Principles of Emergency and Trauma Laparotomy
55. Principles of Emergency and Trauma Laparoscopy
56. Esophageal Non-traumatic Emergencies
57. Esophageal Trauma
58. Caustic Ingestion
59. Surgical Jaundice and Cholangitis
60. Biliary Colic and Acute Cholecystitis
61. Hepatic Abscesses
62. Spleen Non-traumatic Acute Surgical Conditions
63. Acute Adrenal Conditions: Pheochromocytoma Emergencies
64. Nontraumatic Liver Hemorrhage
65. Acute Pancreatitis
66. Acute Appendicitis
67. Acute Left Colonic Diverticulitis
68. Acute Mesenteric Ischemia
69. Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
70. Gastric Outlet Obstruction
71. Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
72. Perforated Peptic Ulcer
73. Diagnosis and Management of Acute Small Bowel Obstruction
74. Small Bowel Perforation
75. Small Bowel Diverticular Disease
76. Large Bowel Obstruction
77. Large Bowel Perforation
78. Emergency Management of Abdominal Wall Hernia
79. Emergency Management of Internal Hernia
80. Emergency Management Hiatal Hernia and Gastric Volvulus
81. Stoma-Related Surgical Emergencies
82. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
83. Fulminant/Toxic Colitis
84. Clostridium Infections
85. Bowel Parasitic Surgical Emergencies
86. Anorectal Emergencies
87. Gynaecological Surgical Emergencies
88. Nontraumatic Urologic Emergencies
89. Non-Obstetric Abdominal Surgical Emergencies in Pregnancy and Puerperium
90. Enterovesical and Enterogenital Fistulae
91. Enterocutaneous and Enteroatmospheric Fistulae
92. Complication of Bariatric Surgery
93. Intra-Abdominal Hypertension and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
94. Open Abdomen Management
95. Liver Trauma
96. Splenic Trauma
97. Bowel Trauma
98. Kidney and Urotrauma
99. Duodeno-Pancreatic and Extrahepatic Biliary Trauma
100. Abdominal Vascular Trauma
101. Genital and Anorectal Trauma
102. Pelvic Trauma
103. Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (rAAA)
104. Visceral Artery Aneurysms
105. Management of Complications Occurring After Pancreas Transplantation
106. Liver Transplant Complications Management

Part VI. Extremities
107. Emergency Vascular Access to Extremities
108. Extremity Vascular Injuries
109. Extremities Trauma
110. Extremity Compartment Syndrome
111. Fasciitis
112. Bone Infections

Part VI. Soft Tissues
113. Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection
114. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Abscesses
115. Surgical Site Infections

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