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SKIN DISEASE‚ Diagnosis & Treatment (Book Only)

SKIN DISEASE- Diagnosis & Treatment (Book Only)-9780323027533
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Skin Disease: Diagnosis and treatment has been written to fit the clinical needs of every busy primary care provider. Specifically designed for quick reference, the book focuses on the 250 diseases most likely to be seen in everyday practice, and includes practical and clear advice for diagnosis and therapy, including anterior and posterior diagrams of where diseases may be found on the body, classification of primary, secondary and special lesions, and over 700 never-before published full-color photographs that show the classic manifestations of disease and rarer variations. The coverage of pediatric skin disease is also covered throughout, together with clinical pearls and advice on when to refer the patient to the specialist.

This book is an essential resource for primary care practitioners, internists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, emergency room physicians, and medical students studying for the boards.

1. Topical therapy
2. Eczema
3. Urticaria
4. Acne, rosacea and related disorders
5. Psoriasis and other papulosquamous diseases
6. Bacterial infections
7. Sexually transmitted infections
8. Viral infections
9. Fungal infections
10. Exanthems and drug reactions
11. Hypersensitivity syndromes and vasculitis
12. Infestations and bites
13. Vescular and bullous diseases
14. Connective tissue diseases
15. Light-related disorders and disorders of pigmentation
16. Benign skin tumors
17. Premalignant and malignant non-melanoma skin tumors
18. Nevi and malignant melanoma
19. Vascular tumors and malformations
20. Hair and nail diseases
21. Neonatal disease
22. Cutaneous manifestations of internal disease
Skin Wellness
Primary, secondary and special lesions
Differential diagnosis by body region
Quantity of cream to apply and dispense
Dermatologic formulary

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