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SKIN CANCER‚ A Practical Guide to Surgical Management

SKIN CANCER- A Practical Guide to Surgical Management-9781841841731
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Skin cancer is now fully recognized as a serious public health problem and a significant number of people die each year from melanoma. The aim of this book is to make physicians aware of the scope of the problem and of the need to develop diagnostic skills and become fully trained in the recognition of skin cancers, management strategies and treatment procedures. The book clarifies the current ideas on managing the three most common types of skin cancer -- basal cell, squamous cell and malignant melanoma. Priority is given to the principles of treatment but technical aspects are also covered with an emphasis on appropriateness for the different modalities. All contributors are members of the British Society for Dermatological Surgery which is affiliated to the British Association of Dermatologists. The book features BAD-commissioned therapy guidelines for common types of skin cancer.

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