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SILICONE HYDROGELS‚ Continuous Wear Contact Lenses

SILICONE HYDROGELS- Continuous Wear Contact Lenses-9780750687799
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Completely updated and revised, this contemporary and authoritative text now contains important new material which has far-reaching implications for all those prescribing and fitting continuous wear contact lenses.
Balanced, critical and informative this book provides the scientific background, clinical practice and reviews the latest lenses available. A book you must read before considering prescribing or fitting continuous wear contact lenses.
* Balanced, critical and informative - so you can make the right choices.
* Well known international experts provide you with quality information.
* Totally updated and revised to include all the new clinical data available.
* New chapters reviewing continuous wear lenses so you can make the right choice for your patients.
* Many colour illustrations explain the text.
* Clear concise clinical text which leads you to the relevant information quickly.
* New material covers important research and breakthroughs which will have a far reaching impact on your clinical practice.
What""s New
* Silicone hydrogels in private practice - to help you with patient selection, initial dispensing, aftercare routines and incidence of adverse responses.
* New chapter covering oedema and hypoxia - addressing important issues for practitioners.
* Latest clinical data - to keep you thoroughly up to date with recent finding which will affect you.
* More expert authors share with you their views and experiences in the US.
* Comprehensive coverage of available materials and lenses available - how to choose which lens to use.
* Many new illustrations in full colour to help clarify points in the text.
* Now more text to provide you with more information.

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