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The best-selling dermatology manual for medical students, residents, and primary care practitioners, Sauer""s Manual of Skin Diseases is in its revised, updated Ninth Edition. It provides step-by-step instructions and algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of all common skin conditions. Unique features include more than 400 full-color photographs diagnostic algorithms based on site and type of lesion and age of patient chapters on cosmetics and tropical diseases a formulary and a comprehensive dictionary-index of skin diseases. This edition includes new chapters on malignant melanoma, bioterrorism, dermatoses in pregnancy, sports medicine dermatology, and psychodermatology, plus timely information on dermatologic reactions to drugs. CONTENTS:
Ch. 1. Structure of the skin.
Ch. 2. Laboratory procedures and tests.
Ch. 3. Dermatologic diagnosis.
Ch. 4. Introduction to the patient.
Ch. 5. Dermatologic therapy.
Ch. 6. Physical dermatologic therapy.
Ch. 7. Fundamentals of cutaneous surgery.
Ch. 8. Cosmetics for the physician.
Ch. 9. Dermatologic allergy.
Ch. 10. Dermatologic immunology.
Ch. 11. Pruritic dermatoses.
Ch. 12. Vascular dermatoses.
Ch. 13. Seborrheic dermatitis, acne, and rosacea.
Ch. 14. Psoriasis.
Ch. 15. Other papulosquamous dermatoses.
Ch. 16. Granulomatous dermatoses.
Ch. 17. Dermatologic parasitology.
Ch. 18. Bullous dermatoses.
Ch. 19. Exfoliative dermatitis.
Ch. 20. Psychodermatology.
Ch. 21. Dermatologic bacteriology.
Ch. 22. Spirochetal infections.
Ch. 23. Dermatologic virology.
Ch. 24. Cutaneous diseases associated with human immunodeficiency virus.
Ch. 25. Dermatologic mycology.
Ch. 26. Tumors of the skin.
Ch. 27. Malignant melanoma.
Ch. 28. Diseases affecting the hair.
Ch. 29. Diseases affecting the nail.
Ch. 30. Diseases of the mucous membranes.
Ch. 31. Pigmentary dermatoses.
Ch. 32. Collagen vascular diseases.
Ch. 33. The skin and internal disease.
Ch. 34. Dermatologic reactions to ultraviolet radiation and visible light.
Ch. 35. Genodermatoses.
Ch. 36. Pediatric dermatology.
Ch. 37. Geriatric dermatology.
Ch. 38. Tropical diseases of the skin.
Ch. 39. Cutaneous signs of bioterrorism.
Ch. 40. Sports medicine dermatology.
Ch. 41. Dermatoses of pregnancy.
Ch. 42. Where to look for more information about a skin disease.

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