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REGENERATIVE MEDICINE‚ Using non-fetal sources of stem cells

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE- Using non-fetal sources of stem cells-9781447165415
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This book represents a major contribution to the emerging science of regenerative medicine using non-fetal sources of stem cells. The Editors, Dr Niranjan Bhattacharya and Professor Phillip Stubblefield, have brought together some of the most pre-eminent scientists working on regenerative medicine to share information on currently ongoing work in this area alongside unpublished observations that will help to shape the contours of future therapies. Regenerative Medicine: Using Non-Fetal Sources of Stem Cells discusses the potential clinical and therapeutic applications using non-fetal stem cells as well as providing instruction on the collection, isolation and characterization of stem cells from various non-fetal sources, such as menstrual blood, adipose tissue, breast milk and uprooted decidual teeth. This book will be an invaluable resource for both active researches and those entering the field. The Editors truly hope that the text will act as a stimulant to professionals and clinical scientists, who may be inspired to further the work of the pioneering scientists who have contributed to this volume.

1. Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Based Therapies: Regeneration Versus Repair
2. The Role Of Microenvironment Stromal Cells In Regenerative Medicine
3. Identity Of Human Endometrial Tissue: Potent Source Of Stem Cells
4. Endometrial Regenerative Cells and Exosomes Thereof for Treatment of Radiation Exposure
5. Endometrial stem cells as potential cures for human diseases
6. Menstrual Blood Transplantation Therapy for Stroke and other Neurological Disorders
7. Characteristics and therapeutic potential of menstrual blood-derived stem cells
8. Use of Animal Fats in Traditional Chinese Medicine
9. Adipose-derived stem cells for therapeutic applications
10. Subcutaneous adipose tissue derived stem cells: advancement and applications in regenerative medicine
11. Expanded adipose tissue-derived stem cells for articular cartilage injury treatment: a safety and efficacy evaluation
12. Redundant human omentum fat: a leap towards regenerative medicine
13. Human Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ASC):Their Efficacy in Clinical Applications
14. Potentialities of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells collected from liposuction for use in cellular therapy
15. Stem cells from dental tissue for regenerative dentistry and medicine
16. Dental Stem Cells Risk and Responsibilities
17. Stem Cells & Deciduous Teeth Responsibilities
18. Breastmilk Stem Cells: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
19. Existence of mesenchymal-like somatic stem cells in the porcine uterus
20. Human menstrual blood-derived stem cell transplantation for acute hind limb ischemia treatment in mouse models
21. Of Baul behaviour, Stem Cell Primitive application?
22. Application of Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood as alternative modes for Liver Therapy
23. Crushed finger and its repair after placing it inside abdominal fatty tunnel for 6 weeks: A preliminary experience
24. Understanding the science behind regeneration for its implications in medicine for future
25. Uterine synechia: A preliminary communication on an attempted treatment of the condition with intrauterine instillation of autologous bone marrow monoclear cells
26. Freshly collected amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane as dressing material for Leprosy patients with gangrene: A preliminary report on an experience with 6 cases
27. Use of fetal skin and amniotic fluid dressing for non-healing burn patients in pediatric age group: A study of 5 cases
28. Concern for pharmacogenomics and autologous cell therapy: Can this be a direction towards medicine for the future?
29. Chronic wound of the skin and amniotic membrane based treatment potential
30. Ethics and Moral principles in the practice of medicine

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