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New techniques in Regenerative Facial Surgery are among the hottest topics in the world of aesthetics. Yet, the terminology has been confusing and no standards of treatment have been introduced into the field. Nanofat, Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration, Stromal Vascular Fraction, Exosomes, Platelet-Rich Plasma and mechanical devices that minimally manipulate fat and its contents are being successfully used in the management of facial aging.

The rapidly rising use of these promising techniques in facial surgery requires knowledge of how facial anatomy changes during the aging process, how to diagnose the precise areas of fat and bone loss, and how to combine these exciting new regenerative approaches alone and in combination with skin care, lasers, energy-based devices, and surgery to not only aesthetically benefit the patient, but also to regenerate tissues, slow, and possibly even reverse facial aging. This unique book brings you the essentials of the clinical practice of regenerative facial surgery, sharing the personal techniques of some of the major thought leaders in this subspecialty.

Beautifully Illustrated to Demonstrate Anatomy & Technique...

Includes a 7-Hour Operative Video Library!

Key Features:
- Includes over 200 four-color images, showing intraoperative and case photos, and beautiful medical illustrations demonstrating anatomy, technique, and complex concepts and processes.
- Multiple operative videos demonstrating the techniques.
- Tables and boxes supplement text in many chapters.
- Key points are emphasized throughout all chapter text and are summarized at the end of each chapter.
- References are cited to support the text and to guide the reader in further research.

Chapter 1 Paradigm Shift: Dynamic Management of Aging Tissues
Chapter 2 Aging of the Face: Anatomy and Age-Related Changes in Skin, Soft Tissues, and Bone
Chapter 3 Regenerative Medicine: Physiology of Fat and Its Contents
Chapter 4 Platelet-Based Therapy in Regenerative Surgery
Chapter 5 Exosomes in Aesthetic Practice
Chapter 6 Clinical Applications of Regenerative Medicine and Reconstruction of Youth - Cohen Approach
Chapter 7 Facial Rejuvenation With Hybrid Face Lift: M-Plication of SMAS With Multiplane Fat Grafting
Chapter 8 Incorporating Nanofat Grafts in Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

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