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PULSE WAVES‚ How Vascular Hemodynamics Affect Blood Presure

PULSE WAVES- How Vascular Hemodynamics Affect Blood Presure-9788847024380
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How is blood pressure generated? How can blood pressure values be interpreted? Is systolic blood pressure of greater importance than diastolic? These are some of the commonest questions a physician facing the problem of arterial hypertension must answer in everyday clinical practice. The aim of this book is to present the complex basic principles of vascular hemodynamics and its physiopathology in a direct and effective way, stressing the importance of the mechanical properties of large arteries in the origin of blood pressure. With the help of several images and an easy language, the reader is led to discover the elements defining blood pressure, getting used to the concepts of arterial stiffness, pulse wave velocity, central blood pressure, reflected waves, pulse pressure amplification.

CHAPTER 1. Introduction
CHAPTER 2. Mean arterial pressure
CHAPTER 3. Pulse pressure
CHAPTER 4. Evaluation of the mechanical proprieties of large arteries
CHAPTER 5. Central blood pressure
CHAPTER 6. Pulse Wave Analysis
CHAPTER 7. Central blood pressure and cardiovascular risk
CHAPTER 8. Non-invasive measurement of central blood pressure
CHAPTER 9. Instruments for the pulse wave analysis and the measurement of pulse wave velocity
CHAPTER 10. Pulse wave velocity and pulse wave analysis in experimental animals

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