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PSYCHIATRIC CRIMINOLOGY‚ A Roadmap for rapid assessment

PSYCHIATRIC CRIMINOLOGY- A Roadmap for rapid assessment-9781498714174
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Since the shutdown of our public psychiatry system, the seriously mentally ill are now mostly managed by public safety officers, school officials, emergency first responders and social workers with little experience in recognizing symptoms, triggers and issues. This book addresses the need to recognize the psychiatric component of criminological issues and the methodology of dealing with it on a practical as well as academic basis. It provides a roadmap for training in rapid assessment built on evidence-based emergency psychiatry protocols.

1. Scope of Problem: Epidemiology of Violence, Suicide and Altered States of Consciousness
2. Definitions of Emergency Neuropsychiatric Protocols
3. The Abcde of Triage and Rapid Assessment of Emergency Altered States of Consciousness, Dangerousness to Both Staff and/or Others and Suicidality
4. Police and Psychiatric Patient Encounters
5. The Legal Standard for Police Shootings
6. Student Counseling and Health Care
7. Special Problems of the Young Veteran
8. Special Problems of the Homeless
9. Corrections Psychiatry
10. Occupational Psychiatry
11. Innovations in Psychiatric Criminology
12. Special Forensic Issues
13. Prevention Issues

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