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This engaging new text teaches students, residents, and practitioners of all ages how to use insights from both pathologists and dermatologists to improve their comprehension of skin disorders. It is meant to bridge the gap between dermatology and dermapathology and explores the questions that practitioners have that fall between the two subjects. What is a dermatologist to do with a pathology report that has a histological rather than a clinical diagnosis? What is to be done with old names of disorders that some clinicians still use? Why do some disorders have many names, and which is better and why? These and dozens of other questions are answered in Practical Skin Pathology, the only book of its kind to address both the clinical education of each disease as well as the pathology findings.

Authored by a leader in clinical dermatology, dermatopathology, and skin immunology, Practical Skin Pathology is written for dermatologists, dermatology residents, and dermatopathologists. Addressing such questions as whether to accept a differential diagnosis from a dermatopathologist rather than a specific diagnosis and when, to how to help a pathologists give a dermatologist the best possible interpretation of a biopsy, this quick reference includes color illustrations, images, and tables to better assist the physician in answering these common questions and concerns.?

Section 1: The pathologist""s view
Chapter 1 - What is Atypical Junctional Melanocytic Hyperplasia?
Chapter 2 - What is Dysplastic Nevus?
Chapter 3 - What is Hypersensitivity Reaction?
Chapter 4 - What is Spongiotic Dermatitis?
Chapter 5 - What is Psoriasiform Dermatitis?
Chapter 6 - What is Lichenoid Dermatitis?
Chapter 7 - What is Granulomatous Dermatitis?
Chapter 8 - What is Dermatitis with Epidermotropism?
Chapter 9 - What is Drug Eruption?
Chapter 10 - What is Pseudolymphoma?

Section 2: The clinician""s view
Chapter 11 - Reddish Facial Papules
Chapter 12 - Face infiltrated Plaques/Nodules
Chapter 13 - Patchy Alopecia
Chapter 14 - Diffuse Smooth Alopecia
Chapter 15 - Follicular Pustules of the Scalp
Chapter 16 - Scaly Scalp
Chapter 17 - Oral Erosions
Chapter 18 - Vulvar Lesions
Chapter 19 - Penile Lesions
Chapter 20 - Diffuse Leg Induration
Chapter 21 - Subcutaneous Leg Nodules
Chapter 22 - Leg Ulcers
Chapter 23 - Follicular Papules and Pustules - Trunk
Chapter 24 - Palmoplantar Red Hyperkeratosis
Chapter 25 - Skin Folds Diffuse Rash
Chapter 26 - Exfoliative Erythroderma
Chapter 27 - Generalized Pruritus
Chapter 28 - Photo-Eruptions
Chapter 29 - Hypopigmented Patches
Chapter 30 - Pigmented Patches
Chapter 31 - Red Smooth Patches
Chapter 32 - Red Scaly Patches
Chapter 33 - Red Sloughing Patches
Chapter 34 - Red Scaly Papules
Chapter 35 - Red Non-facial Papules
Chapter 36 - Papulo-nodular Lesions with Scale and/or Crust
Chapter 37 - Edematous Smooth Plaques
Chapter 38 - Sclerotic Plaques
Chapter 39 - Diffuse Sclerosis
Chapter 40 - Purpuric Lesions
Chapter 41 - Blisters

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