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Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery offers a candid examination of real-life mistakes and mishaps encountered while operating on veterinary patients.

- Describes a range of mistakes and mishaps encountered by a veterinary surgeon with 30+ years of experience
- Provides an honest examination of the reality of operating on pets
- Offers the opportunity to learn from an experienced surgeon""s mistakes
- Discusses mistakes in a wide range of situations, ranging from commonplace to unusual
- Presents a realistic view of veterinary surgery, including how to live with mistakes

1. "Can""t You Do Anything Right?": The Shocking Realization That I Was Not Perfect
2. Beastly Bellies
3. The Friday Night Special: Or Why Do Patients Become Critical Just Before the Weekend?
4. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: When to Refer and What Do You Do When Referral Is Not an Option?
5. Courage, Mystery, and Awe: The Intangibles of Being a Veterinary Doctor
6. Placed on Earth to Test Us: The Not ]So ]Humble Spay
7. "Oops!": Not a Good Word to Hear During Surgery
8. Learning the Hard Way: Student, Resident, Teacher
9. "But I Don""t Want to Look Stupid _": How to Let Others Help You
10. "It Didn""t Look Like That on Paper!": When Textbooks Let Us Down
11. "It Will Be Interesting to See Whether That Works": How to Be a Creative Surgeon
12. When the Unthinkable Happens: Mishaps, Mis ]steps, and Medical Errors
13. Things Went South - Now What?
14. "There""s Got to Be a Morning After": Things Went Wrong - Now Live With It
15. One Leg Too Many: Patients Who Lost Limbs
16. Reconstruction Rescue: When the Hole Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger
17. "Why Is Sam Straining?": Iatrogenic Strictures and Stray Oddities
18. "An Alien in My Waiting Room": Everyday Occurences of the Unexpected and Unbelievable
19. Rewind: What Would I Do Differently If I Had the Chance?

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