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PHYSICAL AGENTS IN REHABILITATION‚ An evidence-based approach to practice

PHYSICAL AGENTS IN REHABILITATION- An evidence-based approach to practice-9780323761949
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Learn how to select and apply physical agents to optimize patient outcomes! Physical Agents in Rehabilitation, 6th Edition provides evidence-based guidelines to the effective use of agents such as heat and cold, lasers and light, ultrasound, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, traction, and compression. It makes clinical decision making easier with clear explanations of the scientific theory and physiology underlying each agent, and also describes current research and rationales for treatment recommendations. From physical therapist and educator Michelle H. Cameron and a team of expert contributors, this market-leading reference includes access to the entire text as a fully searchable eBook.

New to this edition:
- NEW! Shock Wave Therapy chapter covers the principles, evidence base, and practical guidance for using this newly available physical agent.
- NEW! Updated Lasers, Light and Photobiomodulation chapter adds over 100 new references and more specific guidance for selecting parameters for clinical application.
- NEW! Enhanced eBook version - included with print purchase - allows access to the entire, fully searchable text, along with figures and references from the book, on a variety of devices.

Key Features:
- Comprehensive coverage of all physical agents including mechanisms, clinical effects, and application techniques for thermal agents, electrical currents, electromagnetic agents, and mechanical agents.
- UNIQUE! Step-by-step, illustrated Application Techniques boxes guide you in carrying out effective treatment options.
- Updated Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Laser Light Handbook is included in the eBook as a quick reference to use in the clinic.
- UNIQUE! Find the Evidence tables make it easy to find up-to-date, patient-specific evidence using the PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) framework.
- Research references throughout the book, focused on high-quality evidence.
- Updated review questions and answers help you master the material.

Author Information:
By Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT, MCR , Oregon Health and Science University, Department of Neurology Portland VA Medical Center, Portland, OR

Part I: Introduction to Physical Agents
1. The Physiology of Physical Agents
2. Physical Agents in Clinical Practice
Part II: Pathology and Patient Problems
3. Inflammation and Tissue Repair
4. Pain and Pain Management
5. Tone Abnormalities
6. Motion Restrictions
Part III: Thermal Agents
7. Introduction to Thermal Agents
8. Superficial Cold and Heat
9. Ultrasound
10. Diathermy
Part: IV: Electrical Currents
11. Introduction to Electrotherapy
12. Electrical Currents for Muscle Contraction
13. Electrical Currents for Pain Control
14. Electrical Currents for Soft Tissue Healing
15. Electromyographic (EMG) Biofeedback
Part V: Electromagnetic Agents
16. Lasers and Light
17. Ultraviolet Therapy
Part VI: Mechanical Agents
18. Hydrotherapy
19. Traction
20. Compression

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