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PHACOEMULSIFICATION‚ Principles & Techniques

PHACOEMULSIFICATION- Principles & Techniques-9781556426049
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Phacoemulsification: Principles and Techniques, Second Edition is perfect for the surgeon interested in learning the concepts, developing skills, and preparing for the actual surgical procedure. This completely revised and updated resource contains a detailed description of the basic technique of phacoemulsification and the special techniques devised by Dr. Buratto and a group of highly acclaimed international surgeons when encountering unusual circumstances. Expert surgeons interested in updating their knowledge and enhancing their operating skills will also benefit from this state-of-the-art tool.

This definitive resource couples both the authors"" and 84 contributors"" diverse experience and knowledge to produce a complete vision of cataract surgery. Included within this completely revised second edition are 768 pages of updated material and more than 962 figures to illustrate this procedure.

Modern cataract surgery has continually changed since its inception. The evolution of this procedure has been aided by technological advancements, increased knowledge of the anatomy of the eye, and the improvement of IOLs. Phacoemulsification: Principles and Techniques is a necessary text for all surgeons aspiring to improve their surgical results using the latest techniques available.

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