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More than 80% of patients with cancer will need the services of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, intensive care medicine, and pain management specialists during their cancer journey for diagnostic, therapeutic, and symptom management needs, as well as for the management of recurrent disease, secondary cancers, and ongoing non-oncologic surgical needs during survivorship. Perioperative Care of the Cancer Patient is today""s most up-to-date, authoritative, comprehensive reference on the acute care of surgical patients with cancer, from a team of international experts in this emerging and dynamic specialty.

Key Features:
- Covers current clinical practice and perioperative care guidelines during the entire cancer journey for both adult and pediatric patients.
- Includes a diverse array of topics on cancer care, such as cancer epidemiology, cancer biology, ethics in cancer care delivery, value proposition in cancer care, opportunities and challenges with research programs in perioperative cancer care, application of big data and computational sciences in cancer medicine and care delivery, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center Moon Shots Program®.
- Discusses newer cancer therapies and their perioperative implications, functional assessment and prehabilitation, enhanced recovery programs in cancer care, challenges with novel cancer therapies in the care of the critically ill cancer patient, chronic and interventional pain management in patients with cancer, and more.
- An educational resource and clinical reference for surgeons, anesthesia practitioners, hospitalists, internists, pain physicians, intensivists, basic science researchers, and all clinicians involved in the acute care of surgical patients with cancer.
- Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Section 1: Basic Principles (Epidemiology Cancer Biology Overview of Cancer Therapies)
Cancer epidemiology, prevention and survivorship
Cancer biology and implications for the perioperative period
Cancer therapies: Old and new
Symptom assessment and QoL considerations in the cancer patient
Section 2: Anesthesia and Perioperative/Peri-Procedural Care
Preoperative evaluation, medical optimization, functional assessment and pre-habilitation
Inflammation, perioperative stress and cancer outcomes
Transfusion therapy and oncological implications
Procedural care of the adult cancer patient outside the operating room
Airway management in special situations
Intraoperative care of the surgical patient
Brain and spine
Head and neck
Heart, lung and mediastinum
GI cancers
GU cancers
Gynecologic cancers
Endocrine cancers
Section 3: Acute Postoperative and Intensive Care of the Cancer Patient
Postoperative care and special considerations in the cancer patient
Rapid rescue in the hospital and out of the hospital settings
Intensive care considerations of the cancer patient
Section 4: Pain and Palliative/Integrative Medicine
Acute post-surgical pain management
Cancer pain management
Rehabilitation, palliative care, and integrative medicine interventions in the cancer patient
Advanced care planning and ethical considerations in patient centered cancer care
Section 5: Perioperative/Peri-procedural Care of the Pediatric patients with Cancer
Preoperative assessment and optimization for surgery
Intraoperative management: special considerations for special procedures
Postoperative care: special considerations
Anesthesia outside the operating room
Do Not Resuscitate and the terminally ill patient
Chronic pain and palliative care
Intensive care considerations
Section 6: Value Proposition and Research in Perioperative Cancer Care
Value proposition in cancer care
Research in perioperative care of the cancer patient: opportunities and challenges
Big data, advances in computational sciences and oncology care

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