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The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Paediatric Nephrology helps the reader understand and manage all conditions affecting the kidney in childhood. This concise yet comprehensive guide covers everything from history taking and urinalysis, to electrolyte management, acute kidney injury and transplantation. It is a complete reference for the day to day, bedside, and out-patient management of all conditions dealt with by general paediatricians and specialist paediatric nephrologists. The handbook also offers advice to clinical professionals working with patients in shared care between general hospitals and specialised centres.

Paediatric Nephrology benefits from a clear, user-friendly layout, with bullet points and text boxes to highlight key information and colour plates illustrations and photographs. This makes the book a perfect reference for use on-the-go, and easy to navigate during an emergency. The primary focus of the book is investigation and management, but in order to enable a better understanding of conditions such as fluid and electrolytes, it also discusses pathophysiology. Evidence-based recommendations are made where possible, however the authors also provide recommendations informed by their own personal experience and current best practice in areas where high quality evidence is still lacking.

Paediatric Nephrology is useful for paediatric consultants and doctors at all levels of their training, including the general paediatrician and the specialist nephrologist. The book has a global appeal, and presents information that is applicable worldwide.

1: Patient assessment
2: The neonate
3: Congenital abnormalities of the kidneys and urinary tract (CAKUT)
4: Urinary tract infection
5: Enuresis
6: Electrolyte and acid base disorders
7: Tubular disorders
8: Renal calculi and nephrocalcinosis
9: Glomerular disease
10: Systemic disease affecting the kidney
11: Vasculitis
12: Infections and the kidney
13: Renal cystic diseases and ciliopathies
14: Renal dysplasia and other manifestations in syndromic diseases
15: Renal tumours
16: Hypertension
17: Acute kidney injury (AKI)
18: Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
19: PD in ESKD
20: Extracorporeal treatment
21: Transplantation
22: Drug Prescribing
23: Psychosocial issues

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