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The Oxford Specialist Handbook in Paediatric Anaesthesia returns for a new edition with updated practical management advice, and detailed perioperative plans for a wide selection of basic and advanced paediatric procedures.

Invaluable to trainees and consultants alike, this go-to guide details current techniques in a concise and rapid manner, describing how to approach each case. It covers everything from pharmacology, preoperative assessment, and the basic principles of anaesthetic care, to advanced vascular access, pain management, and neonatal surgery. With additional speciality chapters containing both elective and emergency cases, it is the ideal companion to all aspects of paediatric anaesthesia.

- Features up-to-date information on fasting guidelines, pregnancy testing and thromboprophylaxis
- Covers patient care from pre-operative assessment to post-operative care
- Contains detailed chapters on advanced airway management, advanced vascular access, and regional anaesthesia
- Includes easy-to-follow perioperative plans for all the common elective and emergency procedures
- New section on resuscitation, transfers, and emergencies

Section 1: Basic sciences
1: System based anatomy and physiology
2: Pharmacology and fluids
Section 2: Perioperative care
3: Preoperative assessment
4: Preoperative preparation
5: Anaesthetic Equipment
6: Induction
7: Intraoperative care
8: Postoperative care
Section 3: Practical procedures
9: Advanced airway management
10: Advanced vascular access
11: Regional anaesthesia
Section 4: Pain management
12: Pain and sedation, Acute Pain Service
Section 5: Medical and surgical specialties
13: Neonatal anaesthesia
14: Day case surgery
15: Cardiothoracic surgery
16: Dental and oral surgery
17: ENT Surgery
18: General surgery and urology
19: Maxillofacial, craniofacial and cleft surgery
20: Medical specialties
21: Neurosurgery
22: Orthopaedic surgery
23: Ophthalmology surgery
24: Radiology
25: Plastic surgery
Section 6: Syndromes and diseases
26: Comorbidities and Syndromes
Section 7: Resuscitation, transfer and medical emergencies
27: Medical Emergencies, North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport Service
28: Stabilizing the critically ill child in a General Hospital, North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport Service
29: Resuscitation, North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport Service

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