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OXYGEN‚ Creating a anew paradigm

OXYGEN- Creating a anew paradigm-9781496394842
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This unique work from acclaimed author Dr. Paul L. Marino (Marino""s The ICU Book, The Little ICU Book) presents oxygen as a destructive force in the organic world, as a source of lethal cell injury in humans, describes how humans are designed to withstand the damaging effects of oxygen, and how the excessive and unregulated use of oxygen in clinical practice can be harmful.

- Describes how oxygen and its reactive metabolites can damage vital cell components (such as cell membranes, DNA, and all varieties of cell proteins) and how oxygen participates in the damaging effects of inflammation, radiation, and aging.
- Describes the inherent mechanisms for protection against oxidative damage.
- Highlights the problems in the clinical use of oxygen, and how the current use of oxygen can be harmful.
- Debunks popular perceptions about oxygen and presents an alternative "paradigm" for the role of oxygen in health and disease.

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