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ORBITAL TUMORS‚ Diagnosis & Treatment

ORBITAL TUMORS- Diagnosis & Treatment-9780387213217
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Karcioglu""s Orbital Tumors covers all phases in the diagnosis and treatment of orbital tumors - from the initial evaluation of the pathology using both imaging techniques and surgical biopsies, to the medical and surgical treatments and follow-up management plans. The practical, concise approach allows a format which makes the text useful for all ophthalmic specialists who treat tumors.
Part I. Current Concepts of Oncogenesis. 1. Molecular Models of Cancer Development. 2. Immune Surveillance Mechanisms in Cancer. 3. The Changing Behavior of Orbital and Periorbital Tumors. 4. Mechanisms of Tumor Metastasis in the Orbit. 5. Multiple Malignancies in Retinoblastoma.
Part II. Diagnosis of Orbital Tumors 6. Clinical Evaluation of the Orbit. 7. Neuro-ophthalmologic Evaluation of the Orbit. 8. Ultrasonography in Orbital Differential Diagnosis. 9. The Basics of Orbital Imaging. 10. Imaging in Orbital Differential Diagnosis. 11. New Concepts in Orbital Imaging. 12. Orbital Biopsy.
Part III. Primary Tumors of the Orbit 13. Orbital Lymphoma. 14. Vascular Tumors. 15. Fibrohistiocytic Tumors. 16. Fibro-osseous and Cartilaginous Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions. 17. Peripheral Nerve Tumors. 18. Lacrimal Gland Tumors. 19. Tumors of the Lacrimal Drainage System.
Part IV. Secondary Tumors of the Adult Orbit 20. Periocular and Eyelid Tumors. 21. Conjunctival Tumors. 22. Ocular Tumors. 23. Tumors of the Cranial and Nasal Cavities and Paranasal Sinuses. 24. Metastatic Tumors.
Part V. Pediatric Orbital Tumors and Pseudotumors 25. Benign Pediatric Tumors. 26. Malignant Pediatric Tumors.
Part VI. Tumor-like Conditions in the Orbit 27. Orbital Inflammation and Infection versus Neoplasia. 28. Graves Disease. 29. Mass-Forming Inflammatory Lesions of the Orbit.
Part VII. Management of Orbital Tumors 30. Staging of Orbital Tumors. 31. Surgical Treatment. 32. Computer Image Guidance and Skull-base Strategies. 33. Radiation Treatment. 34. Chemotherapy for Childhood Tumors. 35. Chemotherapy for Adult Tumors.

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