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ORAL CANCER‚ The Dentist Role in Diagnosis‚ Management‚ Rehabilitation

ORAL CANCER- The Dentist Role in Diagnosis- Management- Rehabilitation-9780867153576
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Part I: Diagnosis
1. Epidemiology of Oral Cancer
2. Pathogenesis and Progression of Oral Cancer
3. The Oral Cancer Examination
4. Diagnostic Procedures
5. Premalignant Lesions
6. Types of Oral Cancer
Part II: Management
7. Surgical Management of Oral Cancer
8. Contemporary Principles of Surgical Reconstruction of the Oral Cavity
9. Principles and Complications of Radiation Therapy
10. Principles and Complications of Chemotherapy
Part III: Rehabilitation
11. Oral Care of the Patient Receiving Chemotherapy
12. Oral Care of the Patient Receiving Radiation Therapy
13. Surgical Treatment of the Patient Receiving Radiation Therapy
14. Prosthodontic Reconstruction of the Hard and Soft Palate
15. The Role of Implant-Supported Prostheses
16. Speech Production and Swallowing
17. Psychosocial Considerations
Part IV: Prevention
18. Tobacco Cessation: The Dentist""s Challenge
19. Chemoprevention

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