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This second edition has been completely updated with new sections on molecular genetics and cancer research, reflecting the explosion of information for pathology techniques over the last 5 years. Covering general principles of ophthalmic pathology in a manageable length with over 900 illustrations - 50% in colour, this book allows for a clearer understanding. A bench book designed to support general pathologists who are required to provide a service in ophthalmic pathology and ophthalmologists who work in a service laboratory. The unconventional chapter outline is based on the nature of the specimens received in a laboratory e.g. The Traumatized Eye, The Conjunctival Biopsy. This gives the relatively inexperienced a quick lead into the methods required for specimen handling and the requirements for a pathological report by using available histopathological technology. Professor Lee is arguably the best known, most experienced and highly regarded UK Ophthalmic Histopathologist both in the UK and internationally. Superb illustrative material, much of which is in colour, makes this book invaluable to any trainee or practising pathologist with an interest in ophthalmic histopathology.

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