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The second edition of Operative Plastic Surgery is a fully-updated, comprehensive text that discusses the most common plastic surgery procedures in great detail. It covers the classic techniques in plastic surgery, as well as the most recent technical advances, while maintaining a systematic approach to patient care within each chapter. Traversing the entirety of the human body, each chapter addresses assessment of defects, preoperative factors, pathology, trauma, operative indications and procedure, and more. Also covered is the operative room setup, with special consideration given to the operative plan, patient positioning and markings, and technique for each type of surgery.

Detailing over 90 specific surgical techniques, this book covers both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. A new section addresses non-invasive techniques such as Botox, injectables, lasers, and skincare. New chapters throughout the book also include ALT flaps, nasal cleft deformities, ZMC fractures, augmentation mastoplexy, body contouring for the massive weight loss patient, and endoscopic carpal tunnel repair. Led by Gregory R.D. Evans, this volume assembles thought leaders in plastic surgery to present operative surgery in a clear, didactic, and comprehensive manner, and lays the groundwork for ideas that we have just scratched the surface of, such as translational research, fat grafting, stem cells, and tissue engineering.

Part I: Principles
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Anesthesia-Local Nerve Blocks
Chapter 3: Wound Closure
Chapter 4: Closure Material
Chapter 5: Local Random Pattern Flaps
Chapter 6: Principles of Microsurgery
Part II: Tissue Harvest
Chapter 7: Skin Grafting
Chapter 8: Cranial Bone Grafting
Chapter 9: Iliac Crest and Rib Bone Grafts
Chapter 10: Costal Cartilage Grafts
Chapter 11: Aricular Cartilage
Chapter 12: Alveolar Bone Grafting
Chapter 13: Basic Techniques in Septorhinplasty
Part III: Body Contouring
Chapter 13: Liposuction of the Hips and Thighs
Chapter 14: Abdominplasty
Chapter 15: Basic Techniques of Fat Grafting
Chapter 16: Body Contouring After Weight Loss
Chapter 17: Brachioplasty
Part IV: Non-Invasive Techniques
Chapter 18:Principles of Injectable Facial Filling
Chapter 19: Botulinum Toxins and Radio Frequency for Facial Rejuvenation
Chapter 20: Lasers and Energy-Based Devices
Chapter 21: Skin Optimization Strategies in Plastic Surgery
Part V: Aesthetic Facial Surgery
Chapter 22: Rhytidectomy
Chapter 23: Brow Lift
Chapter 24: Blepharoplasty
Chapter 25: Advances in Hair Transplantation
Chapter 26: Genioplasty
Chapter 27: The Aging Neck
Part VI: Reconstructive Facial Surgery
Chapter 28: Eyelid Reconstruction
Chapter 29: Forehead Flap for Nasal Reconstruction
Chapter 30: Nasolabial Flap
Chapter 31: Nasal Fractures: Reduction
Chapter 32: Repair of Lip Defects with the Abbe and Estlander Flaps
Chapter 33: Traumatic Total or Partial Ear Loss
Chapter 34: Scalp Reconstruction
Part VII: Head and Neck Surgery
Chapter 35: Modified and Radical Neck Surgery
Chapter 36: Parotidectomy
Chapter 37: The Radial Forearm Flap
Chapter 38: The Rectus Abdominis Flap
Chapter 39: Microneurovascular Reconstruction for Facial Reanimation
Chapter 40: ALT Flaps
Chapter 41: Latissimus Dorsi Free Flaps
Chapter 42: Ulnar Forearm Flap
Chapter 43: The Free Fibula Flap
Chapter 44: The Evolution of the Iliac Crest Flap
Chapter 45: Scapular Osseous Free Flap
Chapter 46: Microtia Repair
Chapter 47: Otoplasty for Protruding Ears, Cryptotia, or Stahl""s Ear
Part VIII: Cleft Deformities
Chapter 48: Cleft Lip Repair
Chapter 49: Cleft Palate Repair
Chapter 50: Pharyngeal Flap
Chapter 51: Sphinchter Pharyngoplasty for Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
Chapter 52: Cleft Nasal Deformity
Part IX: Maxillofacial Surgery
Chapter 53: Mandible Fractures
Chapter 54: Approach to Upper Maxillofacial Fractures
Chapter 55: Reconstruction of Orbital Defects
Chapter 56: Naso-orbito-ethmoidal Complex Injuries
Chapter 57: Orthognathic Surgery
Chapter 58: Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures
Part X: Breast and Trunk Surgery
Chapter 59: Axillary Dissection
Chapter 60: Augmentation Mammaplasty
Chapter 61: Reduction Mammaplasty
Chapter 62: Mastopexy
Chapter 63: Breast Reconstruction with Implants and Tissue Expanders
Chapter 64: Breast Reconstruction With the Latissimus Dorsi Flap
Chapter 65: Breast Reconstruction With the TRAM Flap
Chapter 66: Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
Chapter 67: Gynecomastia
Chapter 68: Chest Wall Reconstruction
Chapter 69: Gluteal Flap for Pressure Sores
Chapter 70: Posterior Thigh Flap for Pressure Sores
Chapter 71: Surgical Treatment of Postmastectomy Lymphedma
Chapter 72: Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection
Chapter 73: Nipple Sparing Surgery
Chapter 74: DIEP and Muscle Sparing Breast Free Flap
Chapter 75: Breast Reconstruction with Non-Abdominal Based Free Tissue Flaps
Part XI: Groin and Penile Reconstruction
Chapter 76: Groin Dissection and Regional Lymphadenectomy
Chapter 77: Tensor Fasciae Lata for Groin Reconstruction
Chapter 78: The Rectus Femoris Flap for Groin Reconstruction
Chapter 79: Penile (Re)Construction with the Radial Forearm Free Flap
Part XII: Vaginal and Perineal Reconstruction
Chapter 80: Rectus Abdominus Flap for Perineal and Vaginal Reconstruction
Chapter 81: Gracilis Flap for Vaginal Reconstruction
Chapter 82: Gracilis Flap for Perineal Reconstruction and Functional Restoration for the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence
Chapter 83: Pudenal Artery Flap (Singapore) for Perineal Reconstruction
Part XIII: Extremity Reconstruction
Chapter 84: Gastrocnemius Flap for Proximal Leg Reconstruction
Chapter 85: Soleus Flap for Lower Leg Reconstruction
Chapter 86: Latissiuus Dorsi Flap for Leg Reconstruction
Chapter 87: Plantar Flap for Foot Reconstruction
Chapter 88: Gracilis and Rectus Abdominis Flaps for Leg and Foot Reconstruction
Part XIV: Hand Surgery
Chapter 89: Nail Bed Injury
Chapter 90: Extensor Tendon Repair
Chapter 91: Flexor Tendon Repair
Chapter 92: Nerve Repair
Chapter 93: Replantation
Chapter 94: Trigger Finger
Chapter 95: Excision of Ganglion Cysts
Chapter 96: Palmar Fasciectomy and Fasciotomy for Dupuytren Disease
Chapter 97: Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
Chapter 98: Infections
Chapter 99: Compression Neuropathies of the Upper Extremity: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, and Radial Tunnel Syndrome
Chapter 100: Tendon Transfers in Upper Extremity Reconstruction
Chapter 101: Metacarpal and Phalangeal Fractures
Chapter 102: Carpal Fractures and Dislocations

Edited by Dr Gregory Evans, Professor of Plastic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, Chair, Department of Plastic Surgery, Past President American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The University of California, Irvine

Dr. Evans is a medical graduate of the University of Southern California and completed his plastic surgery residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Prior to coming to UC Irvine, Dr. Evans spent seven years performing cancer reconstruction procedures, including free tissue transfer for head, neck and breast at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Evans specializes in the full spectrum of plastic surgery, with a focus on cosmetic surgery such as face, eyes, abdomen, breasts and body contouring. He continues to provide state of the art cancer reconstruction for breasts, head and neck, and extremities. As a physician scientist, he is also a leading researcher in tissue engineering. Research projects have included recreation of new tissue equivalents for damaged nerves that will help restore function to cancer, burn and trauma patients. Dr. Evans is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is currently a director for the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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