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OCULOFACIAL PLASTIC AND ORBITAL SURGERY (Basic and Clinical Science Course 2021-2022)

OCULOFACIAL PLASTIC AND ORBITAL SURGERY (Basic and Clinical Science Course 2021-2022)-9781681044453
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The Academy""s Basic and Clinical Science CourseÖ is ophthalmology""s definitive source of clinical information. Practicing ophthalmologists and residents worldwide use the BCSC® to ensure the highest-quality patient care. Lean on the 100+ ophthalmologists who target the most beneficial clinical updates for this key ophthalmic reference each year.

Section 7 details the anatomy of the orbit and adnexa and emphasizes a practical approach to the evaluation and management of orbital and eyelid disorders, including malpositions and involutional changes.

Deepen your understanding with interactive activities covering eyelid anatomy and danger zones with filler injections. Also includes videos demonstrating clinical exam pearls lacrimal irrigation, eyelid movement disorders and neurofibromatosis. Print users have access to the videos.

Reviews current information on congenital, inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic, traumatic conditions of the orbit and accessory structures. Covers key aspects of orbital, eyelid and facial surgery and abnormalities of the lacrimal secretory and drainage systems.

Upon completion of Section 7, readers should be able to:
- Describe the normal anatomy and function of orbital and periocular tissues.
- Choose appropriate examination techniques and protocols for diagnosing disorders of the orbit, eyelids and lacrimal system.
- Describe functional and cosmetic indications in the surgical management of eyelid and periorbital conditions.

PART I Orbit
1 Orbital Anatomy
2 Evaluation of Orbital Disorders
3 Congenital Orbital Anomalies
4 Orbital Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders
5 Orbital Neoplasms and Malformations
6 Orbital Trauma
7 Orbital Surgery
8 The Anophthalmic Socket
PART II Periocular Soft Tissues
9 Facial and Eyelid Anatomy
10 Classification of Eyelid Disorders
11 Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery
12 Periocular Malpositions and Involutional Changes
13 Facial Rejuvenation
PART III Lacrimal System
14 Anatomy, Development, and Physiology of the Lacrimal Secretory and Drainage Systems
15 Abnormalities of the Lacrimal Secretory and Drainage Systems

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