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NUCLEAR CARDIOLOGY AND MULTIMODAL CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING- A companion to Braunwald"s Heart Disease-9780323763035
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Recent years have seen numerous advances in cardiovascular nuclear medicine technology, leading to more precise diagnoses and treatment and an expanded understanding of the molecular basis for cardiac disease. Nuclear Cardiology and Multimodal Cardiovascular Imaging is a one-stop, comprehensive guide to the diagnostic and clinical implications of this complex and increasingly important technology. Part of the Braunwald family of renowned cardiology references, it provides cutting-edge coverage of multimodal cardiac imaging along with case vignettes and integrated teaching content_ideal for cardiologists, cardiology fellows, radiologists, and nuclear medicine physicians.

Section I. Instrumentation and Principles of Imaging
1. Single photon emission computed tomography
2. Positron emission tomography
3. Principles of myocardial blood flow quantification with SPECT and PET imaging
Section II. Imaging Protocols and Interpretation
4. Radiopharmaceuticals for clinical SPECT and PET and imaging protocols
5. Recognizing and preventing artifacts with SPECT and PET imaging
6. Approaches to minimize patient dose in nuclear cardiology
Section III. Applications of Nuclear Cardiology in Coronary Artery Disease
7. Patients with new-onset stable chest pain syndromes
8. Applications of nuclear cardiology in known stable coronary artery disease
9. Patient with prior revascularization
10. Preoperative risk evaluation: When and how?
11. Imaging in patients with acute chest pain in the emergency department
12. Assessing the biology of high-risk plaque features with molecular imaging
Section IV. Applications of Nuclear Cardiology in Select Populations
13. Patients with suspected coronary microvascular dysfunction
14. Patient with cardiometabolic disease
15. Patient with chronic kidney disease
16. Women with suspected ischemic heart disease
17. Key concepts in risk stratification and cost-effectiveness using nuclear scintigraphy in stable coronary artery disease
Section V. Applications of Nuclear Cardiology in Heart Failure
18. The patient with new-onset heart failure
19. Metabolic remodeling in heart failure
20. Patient with ischemic heart failure: Ischemia and viability assessment and management
21. Novel approaches for the evaluation of arrhythmic risk
22. Screening for transplant vasculopathy
23. Patient with known or suspected cardiac sarcoidosis
24. Patients with known or suspected amyloidosis
25. Patients undergoing cancer treatment
26. Molecular imaging of myocardial infarction and remodeling
27. Patient with mechanical dyssynchrony
Section VI. Emerging Clinical Applications
28. Aortic stenosis and bioprosthetic valve degeneration
29. Infective endocarditis
30. Large-vessel vasculitis
31. Peripheral arterial disease
Section VII. Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Cardiology
32. Artificial intelligence in nuclear cardiology

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