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NON-NEOPLASTIC DISEASES OF THE LIVER (AFIP Atlases of Tumor and Non-Tumor Pathology‚ Series 5‚ Vol.)

NON-NEOPLASTIC DISEASES OF THE LIVER (AFIP Atlases of Tumor and Non-Tumor Pathology- Series 5- Vol.)-9781933477183
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The primary goal of this fascicle is to be a practical reference for pathologists who review liver biopsies, a most challenging area of diagnostic surgical pathology. It is focused on diagnostic histopathology, discussing and lavishly illustrating disease patterns with an emphasis on differential diagnosis. The key aspects of clinical features, laboratory findings, and pathophysiology are woven into this book. The application and interpretation of special stains and immunohistochemistry are integrated into discussions of each disease pattern.

Order the Non-Neoplastic Diseases of the Liver atlas now to take advantage of this excellent resource for diagnostic surgical pathologists.

1. Core Pathology Patterns in Medical Liver Specimens
2. Viral Hepatitis
3. Nonviral Infections of the Liver
4. Granulomas and Granulomatous Disease
5. Autoimmune Hepatitis and Overlap Syndrome
6. Pediatric Cholestatic and Biliary Tract Disease
7. Adult Cholestatic and Biliary Tract Diseases
8. Drug-Induced Liver Injury
9. Fatty Liver Disease
10. Iron Overload, Wilson Disease, and Other Genetic Liver Diseases
11. Transplantation Pathology
12. Vascular Disorders
13. Systemic Diseases Involving the Liver
14. Cryptogenic Cirrhosis

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