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NEUROSCIENCE‚ Fundamentals for rehabilitation

NEUROSCIENCE- Fundamentals for rehabilitation-9781455706433
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This practical guide focuses on the evidence-based neuroscience information that is most relevant to the practice of physical rehabilitation. It connects the theory of neuroscience with real-world clinical application with such features as: stories written by real people with neurological disorders, case studies, and lists summarizing key features of neurological disorders. It also provides clear descriptions of a complete range of neurological disorders and the body systems they affect. The text progresses logically from the molecular and cellular levels, to systems, and then to regions, to help make complex information easy to master. Special features such as Clinical Notes boxes with "at-a-glance" summaries, Red Flag boxes, and hundreds of full-color illustrations, enhance the learning experience and make it easy for the student and clinician to access clinically relevant information.

Key Features:
- Systems approach to neuroscience helps you develop a fuller understanding of concepts in the beginning of the text and apply them to new clinical disorders later in the text.
- Five sections: Cellular Level, Development, Systems, Regions, and Support Systems show how neural cells operate first, and then help you apply that knowledge while developing an understanding of systems neuroscience.
- UNIQUE! An emphasis on neuroscience issues critical for practice of physical rehabilitation such as abnormal muscle tone, chronic pain, and control of movement.
- Evidence-based content has been updated to reflect the most recent research.
- Patient experience boxes at the beginning of each chapter give insight from actual patients and the patients"" experiences with disorders discussed in the text.
- Clinical notes case studies include bulleted information relevant to the clinician.

1. Introduction to Neuroscience

Part 1: Neuroscience at the Cellular Level
2. Physical and Electrical Properties of Cells in the Nervous System
3. Synapses and Synaptic Transmissions
4. Neuroplasticity

Part 2: Development of the Nervous System
5. Development of the Nervous System

Part 3: Neuroscience at the System Level
6. Somatosensory System
7. Somatosensation: Clinical Applications
8. Neuropathic Pain, Pain Matrix Dysfunction, and Pain Syndromes
9. Autonomic Nervous System
10. Normal Motor System: Motor Neurons
11. Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum, and Movement

Part 4: Neuroscience at the Regional Level
12. Peripheral Nervous System
13. Spinal Region
14. Cranial Nerves
15. Brain Stem Region
16. Vestibular and Visual Systems
17. Cerebrum
18. Cerebrum: Clinical Applications

Part 5: Support Systems
19. Support Systems: Blood Supply and Cerebrospinal Fluid System

Appendix A: Gross Anatomy Atlas

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