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NELSON PEDIATRIC SYMPTON-BASED DIAGNOSIS‚ Common diseases and their mimics

NELSON PEDIATRIC SYMPTON-BASED DIAGNOSIS- Common diseases and their mimics-9780323761741
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Patients don""t present with a disease they present with symptoms. Using a practical, symptom-based organization, Nelson Pediatric Symptom-Based Diagnosis: Common Diseases and their Mimics, 2nd Edition, offers authoritative guidance on differential diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders in children and adolescents, and covers the symptoms you""re likely to see in practice, their mimics, and uncommon disorders. Drs. Robert M. Kliegman, Heather Toth, Brett J. Bordini, and Donald Basel walk you through what to consider and how to proceed when faced with common symptoms such as cough, fever, headache, autistic-like behaviors, chronic pain, chest pain, gait disturbances, and much more.

- Begins with a presenting symptom and leads you through differential diagnosis and a concise review of treatment recommendations.
- Contains more than a dozen new topics including Disease Mimics: An Approach to Undiagnosed Diseases, Autistic-like Behaviors, Shock, Hypertension, Neurocognitive and Developmental Regression, Chronic Pain, Hypertonicity, Movement Disorders, Hypermobility, and more.
- Features a new focus on symptoms of rarer diseases that are mimics of more common diseases.
- Offers a user-friendly approach to Altered Mental Status such as coma and other CNS disorders, with numerous clinically useful tables and figures to guide clinical decision making in various care settings.
- Uses a highly templated format for easy reference and quick answers to clinical questions, with the same consistent presentation in each chapter: History, Physical Examination, Diagnosis (including laboratory tests), Imaging, Diagnosis, and Treatment.
- Includes numerous full-color illustrations, algorithms, tables, and "red flags" to aid differential diagnosis.
- Serves as an ideal companion to Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 21st Edition. Content in this book is referenced and linked electronically to the larger text, providing easy access to full background and evidence-based treatment and management content when you own both references.
- Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Section 1 Respiratory Disorders
1) Sore Throat
2) Cough
3) Respiratory Distress
4) Earache
Section 2 Cardiac Disorders
6) Syncope and Dizziness
7) Chest Pain
8) Murmurs
9) Shock (NEW)
10) Hypertension (NEW)
Section 3 Gastrointestinal Disorders
11) Failure to Thrive
12) Abdominal Pain
13) Diarrhea
14) Vomiting and Regurgitation
15) Gastrointestinal Bleeding
16) Hepatomegaly
17) Jaundice
18) Constipation
19) Abdominal Masses
Section 4 Genitourinary Disorders
20) Dysuria
21) Proteinuria
22) Hematuria
23) Acute and Chronic Scrotal Swelling
24) Menstrual Problems & Vaginal Bleeding
25) Disorders of Sexual Development
Section 5 Developmental /Psychiatric Disorders
26) Intellectual Developmental Disorders (Developmental Delay)
27) Regression (NEW)
28) Dysmorphology
29) The Irritable Infant
30) Unusual Behaviors (NEW)
31) Autistic-like Behaviors (NEW)
32) Chronic Pain Syndromes (chronic overlapping pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia)
Section 6 Neurosensory Disorders
33) Headaches
34) Hypotonia and Weakness (NEW)
35) Rhabdomyolysis (NEW)
36) Stroke (NEW)
37) Hypertonicity
38) Paroxysmal Disorders (NEW)
39) Movement Disorders
40) Altered Mental Status (NEW)
41) Encephalitis
42) Eye Disorders
Section 7 Musculoskeletal Disorders
43) Arthritis
44) Gait Disturbances
45) Back Pain (NEW)
46) Hypermobility
Section 8 Hematologic Disorders
47) Lymphadenopathy and Neck Masses
48) Pallor & Anemia (NEW)
49) Pancytopenia
50) Bleeding & Thrombosis
Section 9 Infectious Diseases / Immune / Inflammation
51) Fever
52) Fever and Rash
53) Recurrent Fever
Section 10 Endocrine / Metabolic Disorders
54) Disorders of Puberty
55) Short Stature
56) Hypoglycemia
57) Polyuria and Urinary Incontinence
58) Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disturbances
Section 11 Dermatology
59) Congenital Cutaneous Lesions (NEW)
60) Infant Rashes
61) Acquired Rashes in the Older Child

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