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The National Kidney Foundation Primer on Kidney Diseases is your ideal companion in clinical nephrology! From anatomy, histology, and physiology, through the diagnosis and management of kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, hypertension, dialysis, and kidney transplantation, this trusted manual from Elsevier and the National Kidney Foundation provides an accessible, efficient overview of kidney diseases that""s perfect for residency, fellowship, clinical practice, and board review.

Key Features:
- Incorporate the latest NKF Kidney/ Outcome Quality Initiative guidelines on chronic kidney disease staging and management.
- Review the basics with a current and practical review of the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, hypertension, dialysis, and renal transplantation.

New to This Edition:
- Put the latest knowledge to work in your practice with 8 brand-new chapters including kidney development, assessment of kidney function in acute and chronic settings, the kidney in malignancy, acute tubular injury and acute tubular necrosis, acute interstitial nephritis, Fabry Disease, immunosuppression, and transplant infectious disease, as well as comprehensive updates on acute kidney injury, transplant medicine, kidney function and kidney disease in the elderly, GFR estimation, biomarkers in kidney disease, recently described pathologic targets in membranous nephropathy, minimal change disease, viral nephropathies, and much more!
- Get expert advice from a new team of editors, led by Scott Gilbert and Dan Weiner from Tufts University School of Medicine, each bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of clinical experience.
- Quickly access the complete contents online at Expert Consult, with fully searchable text, downloadable images, and additional figures and graphs.

Section 1: Structure and Function of the Kidneys and Their Clinical Assessment
1. Overview of Kidney Function and Structure
2. Kidney Development
3. Assessment of Glomerular Filtration Rate in Acute and Chronic Settings
4. Urinalysis and Urine Microscopy
5. Hematuria and Proteinuria
6. Kidney Imaging

Section 2: Acid-Base, Fluid, and Electrolyte Disorders
7. Hyponatremia and Hypoosmolar Disorders
8. Hypernatremia
9. Edema and the Clinical Use of Diuretics
10. Disorders of Potassium Metabolism
11. Disorders of Mineral Metabolism: Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium
12. Approach to Acid-Base Disorders
13. Metabolic Acidosis
14. Metabolic Alkalosis
15. Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis

Section 3: Glomerular Diseases
16. Glomerular Clinicopathologic Syndromes
17. Minimal Change Disease
18. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
19. Membranous Nephropathy
20. Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy and Related Disorders
21. Goodpasture Syndrome and Other Antiglomerular Basement Membrane Diseases

Section 4: The Kidney in Systemic Disease
22. Postinfectious Glomerulonephritis
23. Kidney Involvement in Systemic Vasculitis
24. Kidney Manifestations of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
25. Pathogenesis, Pathophysiology and Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy
26. Dysproteinemias and Amyloidosis
27. Thrombotic Microangiopathies
28. Viral Nephropathies: Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and Hepatitis B Virus
29. Acute Cardiorenal Syndrome
30. Hepatorenal Syndrome and Other Liver-Related Kidney Diseases
31. The Kidney in Cancers

Section 5: Acute Kidney Injury
32. Pathophysiology of Acute Kidney Injury
33. Clinical Approach to the Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury
34. Acute Tubular Injury and Acute Tubular Necrosis
35. Acute Interstitial Nephritis
36. Management of Acute Kidney Injury

Section 6: Drugs and the Kidney
37. Kidney Disease Caused by Therapeutic Agents
38. Principles of Drug Therapy in Patients with Reduced Kidney Function

Section 7: Hereditary Kidney Disorders
39. Genetically Based Renal Transport Disorders
40. Sickle Cell Nephropathy
41. Polycystic and Other Cystic Kidney Diseases
42. Nephronophthisis and Medullary Cystic Kidney Disease
43. Alport Syndrome and Related Disorders
44. Fabry Disease

Section 8: Tubulointerstitial Nephropathies and Disorders of the Urinary Tract
45. Chronic Tubulointerstitial Disease
46. Obstructive Uropathy
47. Nephrolithiasis
48. Urinary Tract Infection & Pyelonephritis

Section 9: The Kidney in Special Circumstances
49. The Kidney in Infants and Children
50. The Kidney in Pregnancy
51. Kidney Disease in the Elderly

Section 10: Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Therapy
52. Pathophysiology of Chronic Kidney Disease
53. Staging and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
54. Nutrition and Kidney Disease
55. Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
56. Cardiac Function and Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease
57. Anemia and Other Hematologic Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease

Section 11: Kidney Replacement Therapies: Dialysis and Transplantation
58. Hemodialysis
59. Peritoneal Dialysis
60. Outcomes of Kidney Replacement Therapies
61. Selection of Prospective Kidney Transplant Recipients and Donors
62. Posttransplantation Monitoring and Outcomes
63. Immunosuppression in Transplantation
64. Infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation

Section 12: Hypertension
65. Pathogenesis of Hypertension
66. Evaluation and Management of Hypertension
67. Secondary Hypertension

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