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NAILS‚ Diagnosis‚ therapy‚ surgery

NAILS- Diagnosis- therapy- surgery-9781416023562
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The thoroughly updated 3rd Edition of this highly regarded text continues to provide the latest therapeutic and surgical information on nail disease. A new signs-oriented section guides you to disease-specific information and simplifies diagnosis. The new, streamlined format includes bullet lists . cross-references . "Therapy" and Key points" highlights for easy reference . and full-color artwork throughout, as well as a larger page size that accommodates bigger photographs. In addition, many illustrations have been added to elucidate complex basic science.

- Provides the most reliable and comprehensive treatment information available fully revised to include the latest therapeutic and surgical knowledge.
- Uses a disease-oriented chapter format.

What""s New
- Presents a new signs-oriented section that quickly guides you to disease-specific information.
- Provides new coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of onycholysis and chronic paronychia.
- Ranks therapy according to the available evidence, allowing you to treat your patients with confidence.
- Includes essential new information on genetics and future developments.
- Features outstanding new full-color photographs and illustrations_many new to this edition_that clearly depict nail disease and basic science concepts.
- Uses a more streamlined format for easier readability and access to important points.
Features 4 new associate editors, presenting fresh perspectives and new, expert contributions to nail disease and treatment.

Section 1: Signs and Symptoms
Section 2: The Normal Nail:
1. Historical Aspects
2. Structure and Function
3. Basic Science (incorporating embryology and with a look into the future)
Section 3: Diagnostic Techniques:
4. Initial Approach to Examination
5. Exostoses, Radiology, MRIs
6. Histopath
Section 4: The Abnormal Nail:
7. Pigmentation Abnormalities
8. Brittle Nails
9. Onycholysis
10. Chronic Paronychia
11. Dermatological Disease
12. Onychomycosis
13. Podiatric approach to Onychomycosis
14. Infection, Non Fungal
15. Nails in Systemic Disease
16. Systemic Drugs
17. Tumors
18. Occupational
19. Biomechanical
20. Cosmetics and/Dangers of nail Salons
21. Pediatric Disease
22. Nails in Older Individuals
Section 5: Therapeutic Techniques:
23. Basic Surgery
24. Advanced Surgery
25. Glossary

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