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NAIL DISORDERS‚ A comprehensive approach

NAIL DISORDERS- A comprehensive approach-9780815378341
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Nail disorders are a specialized group of disorders which are often neglected during post graduate teaching. This book aims to provide a comprehensive review covering the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of nail disorders. It discusses the basics of nail unit, common conditions like infections, tumors and genetic diseases, diagnostic armamentarium involved in nail diseases like KOH mount, onychoscopy, imaging and surgical management of nail diseases which includes anesthesia of nail unit, nail biopsy and advanced nail procedures including video demonstration of such procedures. This book elaborates on nails in systemic diseases and briefly covers nail cosmetics and nail photography.

Key Features:
- Comprehensively reviews nail disorders
- Includes diagnosis, therapeutic and surgical aspect
- Discusses Onychoscopy
- Reviews the importance of nail photography
- Includes video demonstration of nail surgery

Part 1: History and Normal nail
1. History of nail diseases
2. Nail anatomy and physiology
3. Nail unit signs
4. An approach to nail examination
Part 2: Diagnostics
5. Laboratory investigations of nail diseases
6. Imaging in nail diseases
7. Onychoscopy and nail fold capillaroscopy
8. Basics of onychopathology
9. Onychopathology of common nail diseases
Part 3: Nail Unit Abnormalities
10. Nail plate abnormalities
11. Chromonychia
12. Ingrown nail
Part 4: Inflammatory nail diseases
13. Nail psoriasis
14. Nail lichen planus
15. Trachyonychia
Part 5: Infective Nail Diseases
16. Dermatophytic onychomycosis
17. Non-dermatophytic onychomycosis
18. Infections and infestations of nail unit
Part 6: Nail in Dermatological and Systemic Diseases Occupation and Drug Induced Nail Changes
19. Nail in dermatological diseases
20. Nails in systemic diseases
21. Occupational nail diseases
22. Chronic Paronychia
23. Nail changes due to systemic drugs
Part 7: Nail in Special Populations
24. Nail in children: Congenital and hereditary diseases
25. Nail in elderly population
Part 8: Nail Unit Tumors
26. Benign tumors
27. Malignant tumors
Part 9: Psychocutaneous Nail Disorders
28. Nail tic disorders
Part 10: Surgical Management of Nail Diseases
29. Basics of nail surgery
30. Anesthesia of the nail unit
31. Biopsy of the nail unit
32. Injection therapy for nail disorders
33. Surgery for benign tumors
Part 11: Nail Cosmetics
34. Nail care and nail cosmetics
35. The science of nail polish, nail polish remover, and nail moisturizers
Part 12: Miscellaneous Conditions
36. Nail degloving syndrome
37. Miscellaneous nail conditions
38. Photography of the nail unit

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