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MOSBY"S TEXTBOOK FOR NURSING ASSISTANTS (Soft Cover Version)-9780323319744
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Master the essential skills of today""s nursing assistant! Mosby""s Textbook for Nursing Assistants, 9th Edition prepares you to work in long-term care, acute care, and subacute care settings. Known for its comprehensive coverage and an easy-to-read, visual approach, this book includes step-by-step instructions for over 100 nursing assistant procedures. New to this edition is a practice scenario in each chapter to help you develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as Focus on Math boxes that highlight common calculations done on the job. Written by well-known educator Sheila Sorrentino and expert co-author Leighann Remmert, this market-leading text emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication - two elements critical to being an effective nursing assistant.

Key Features:
- Complete coverage includes the knowledge and skills needed by the nursing assistant.

- Guidelines to over 100 procedures are divided into pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure sections for easier learning.
- A clear, readable writing style is supplemented with more than 1,000 full-color photographs and illustrations.
- Key terms and abbreviations are included at the beginning of each chapter, with a comprehensive glossary at the back of the book.
- Review questions in each chapter are useful in guiding your study, reviewing what you have learned, and preparing for a test or the competency evaluation.
- Video icons indicate skills for which video is provided on the free Evolve companion website or in Mosby""s Nursing Assistant Video Skills 4.0 (sold separately).
- Summary boxes highlight key aspects of patient care including safety and comfort, long-term care, home care, personal pride, the needs of children and older persons, cultural considerations, communication guidelines, delegated tasks, teamwork, and time management.
- Focus on PRIDE boxes highlight personal and professional responsibility, rights and respect, delegation and teamwork, and ethics and laws to help you promote pride in the person, the family, and yourself.
- The Workbook and Competency Evaluation Review corresponds to chapters in the text and encourages learning with a wide variety of exercises. It also includes over 100 checklists, one for every procedure in the textbook. The Competency Evaluation Review includes a content review, skills evaluation review, and two practice exams to prepare students for their certification exam. Sold separately.
- Promoting Safety and Comfort boxes detail measures and cautions for providing safe, effective patient care.
- Focus on Long-Term Care and Focus on Home Care boxes highlight information vital to providing competent care in these settings.
- Focus on Children and Focus on Older Person boxes provide age-specific information about the special needs, considerations, and circumstances of children and older persons.
- Caring About Culture boxes help you learn about the beliefs and customs of other cultures so you can provide appropriate care.
- Focus on Communication boxes provide guidelines for what to say and ask when communicating with residents, visitors, and the nursing team.
- Teamwork and Time Management boxes cite ways you can efficiently work with and help nursing team members.
- Delegation Guidelines identify your specific responsibilities in accepting commonly delegated tasks.

New to this Edition:
- NEW Getting a Job chapter describes the professional skills needed for seeking and landing a new job upon certification.
- NEW Delegation chapter explains how nursing assistants work within the health care team and receive instructions from the nurse, and includes tips on questions to ask when receiving delegated tasks.
- NEW! Focus on Math highlights the basic math skills you need as a nursing assistant.
- NEW! Focus on Practice: Problem Solving includes scenarios that develop your critical thinking skills in common situations encountered during practice.
- NEW! NATCEP skills are identified as skills most often required for demonstration on state certification exams.
- NEW! Focus on Surveys feature highlights the nursing assistant""s role during state inspections.
- NEW! Focus on PRIDE application questions promote pride in the nursing assistant, the person, and the person""s family.
- UPDATED video clips from the latest Nursing Assistant Video Skills series demonstrate selected skills.
- UPDATED Body Spectrum interactive anatomy review is available on the Evolve companion website.

1. Introduction to Health Care Agencies
2. The Person""s Rights
3. The Nursing Assistant
4. NEW! Delegation
5. Ethics and Laws
6. Work Ethics
7. Communicating with the Health Team
8. Assisting with the Nursing Process
9. Understanding the Person
10. Body Structure and Function
11. Growth and Development
12. Care of the Older Person
13. Safety
14. Preventing Falls
15. Restraint Alternatives and Safe Restraint Use
16. Preventing Infection
17. Body Mechanics
18. NEW! Safely Moving the Person
19. NEW! Safely Transferring the Person
20. The Person""s Unit
21. Bedmaking
22. Personal Hygiene
23. Grooming
24. Urinary Elimination
25. NEW! Urinary Catheters
26. Bowel Elimination
27. Nutrition and Fluids
28. Nutritional Support and IV Therapy
29. Measuring Vital Signs
30. Exercise and Activity
31. Comfort, Rest, and Sleep
32. Admission, Transfers, and Discharges
33. Assisting with the Physical Examination
34. Collecting and Testing Specimens
35. The Person Having Surgery
36. Wound Care
37. Pressure Ulcers
38. Heat and Cold Applications
39. Oxygen Needs
40. Respiratory Support and Therapies
41. Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing
42. Hearing, Speech, and Vision Problems
43. Cancer, Immune System, and Skin Disorders
44. Nervous System and Musculoskeletal Disorders
45. Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Lymphatic Disorders
46. Digestive and Endocrine Disorders
47. Urinary and Reproductive Disorders
48. Mental Health Problems
49. Confusion and Dementia
50. Development Disabilities
51. Sexuality
52. Caring for Mothers and Children
53. Assisted Living
54. Basic Emergency Care
55. End-of-Life Care
56. NEW! Getting a Job

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