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MASSAGE THERAPY‚ Integrating Research and Practice

MASSAGE THERAPY- Integrating Research and Practice-9780736085656
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Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice presents the latest research examining the evidence for the use of various massage therapy techniques in treating pathological conditions and special populations.

In this resource readers will find a synthesis of information from the diverse fields of physiology, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and psychology.

Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice offers both students and practitioners of massage therapy, the most up-to-date evidence-based information, guidelines and recommendations for the treatment of conditions often seen in massage therapy practice.

This essential reference will assist practitioners in understanding the scientific literature and its application in enhancing the practice of this safe and effective health intervention.

Part I. Background
Chapter 1. Historical Overview
Chapter 2. Evidence-Based and Outcome-Based Approaches in Massage

Part II. Research Methods
Chapter 3. Quantitative Research Methods
Chapter 4. Qualitative Research Methods
Chapter 5. Mixed Methods Research

Part III. Populations and Conditions
Chapter 6. Pediatrics
Chapter 7. Pregnancy and Labor
Chapter 8. Athletes
Chapter 9. Massage and Older Adults
Chapter 10. Headaches
Chapter 11. Neck and Shoulder Pain
Chapter 12. Low Back Pain
Chapter 13. Anxiety and Depression
Chapter 14. Massage for Adults With a History of Sexual Trauma
Chapter 15. Scars
Chapter 16. Fibromyalgia
Chapter 17. Cancer

Part IV. Connecting Research and Practice
Chapter 18. Integrating Massage Therapy Research and Education
Chapter 19. Integrating Research in Clinical Practice
Chapter 20. Clinical Case Reports
Chapter 21. Writing Journal Articles
Chapter 22. Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations in Massage Therapy
Chapter 23: Directions and Dilemmas in Massage Therapy Research: A Workshop Report from the 2009 North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative

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