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MANAGEMENT OF HEAD INJURIES‚ THE‚ A Practical Guide for the Emergency

MANAGEMENT OF HEAD INJURIES- THE- A Practical Guide for the Emergency-9780192630780
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Head injuries are commonplace. Though most patients survive, the consequences, both physical and social, can be devastating. The methods of initial assessment and management can have a crucial effect on determining the outcome of the injury, and long-term effects. However, only a minority of head-injured patients are cared for by Neurosurgeons. The majority are seen by non-specialists, often junior doctors and nurses, and treated in district hospitals where specialist neurosurgical assistance is unavailable. As a guide for doctors and nurses working in the A & E department, or the Orthopaedic or General Surgical Ward, the emphasis of this book is on the early management of the head- injured patient. New to the second edition are chapters on managing the ""disturbed"" head injured patient, a chapter of special value to nurses (who often have to deal with this difficult task). A new chapter on anaesthesia and head injuries has also been added, with other chapters significantly revised to reflect the crucial role played by anaesthetists in head injury management. Providing practical advice on the early treatment of minor head injuries, and the management of major head injuries, the book provides advice that will be essential in ensuring effective treatment of these patients.

2.Initial assessment.
4.Neurological deterioration.
6.Scalp and skull injuries.
7.Cervical spine injuries.
8.Head injuries in children.
9.Anaesthesia in head injury.
10.Operative surgery.
11.The disturbed head-injured patient.
12.Delayed complications.
13.Transporting the head-injured patient.

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