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LENS AND CATARACT (Basic & Clinical Science Course 2019-2020)

LENS AND CATARACT (Basic & Clinical Science Course 2019-2020)-9781681041469
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    AAO 11 Jick

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Reviews the anatomy, physiology, embryology and pathology of the lens. Covers the epidemiology, evaluation and management of cataracts and gives an overview of lens and cataract surgery, including special situations. Walks the reader through making an appropriate differential diagnosis and designing a management plan for intraoperative and postoperative complications of cataract surgery.

Contains 13 technical videos. Both print and eBook users have access to the videos.

Upon completion of Section 11, readers should be able to:
- Identify congenital anomalies of the lens.
- List types of congenital and acquired cataracts.
- Describe the association of cataracts with aging, trauma, medications, and systemic and ocular diseases.
- Describe the evaluation and management of patients with cataract and other lens abnormalities.

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