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LEISHMANIASIS‚ Biology‚ control and new approaches for its treatment

LEISHMANIASIS- Biology- control and new approaches for its treatment-9781771884198
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This new volume provides exhaustive knowledge on a wide range of natural products and holistic concepts that have provided promising in the treatment of leishmaniasis. Including the major natural therapies as well as traditional formulations, over 300 medicinal plants and 150 isolated compounds that are reported to have beneficial results in the treatment of the disease are explored in this comprehensive work. This book also acts as an important resource on various anti-inflammatory plants used to treat various inflammatory conditions of the disease.

1. Ayurveda and Leishmaniasis.
2. Pharmacology of Leishmaniasis.
3. Diagnosis and Strategies to Control Leishmaniasis.
4. Immunomodulatory Agents for Leishmaniasis.
5. Ayurvedic Treatments for Leishmaniasis.
6. Phytotherapy for Leishmaniasis.
7. Elements Supplementation in Leishmaniasis.
8. Alternative Therapies for Leishmaniasis.
9. Inflammation and Leishmaniasis.
10. Modern Treatment for Leishmaniasis.

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