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LASER TECHNIQUES IN OPHTHALMOLOGY‚ A Guide to YAG and Photothermal Laser Treatments in Clinic

LASER TECHNIQUES IN OPHTHALMOLOGY- A Guide to YAG and Photothermal Laser Treatments in Clinic-9780367700317
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This is a practical guide to using lasers in the Eye clinic and includes all commonly performed Lasers for a range of ocular conditions. It uses multiple illustrations of real-life fundus photographs, FFA images, OCT images and digitally modified retinal images to simplify learning the fundamentals of laser physics and physiology, laser safety and an overview of the variety of ophthalmic lasers in current use. It standardizes Laser procedures and serves as a reference guide for Ophthalmic trainees learning the technique that can be transferred to their clinical practice. The book simplifies understanding of Ophthalmic Lasers and answers common questions of how and why things are done.

Key Features:
- Emphasizes on Nd-YAG Laser, Lasers in Glaucoma and Photothermal Lasers for Retinal Pathology, with clarity on techniques and pearls on dealing with common laser related issues that come with experience.
- Provides content in a Q&A format which is ideal as a lesson from trainer to trainee and answers all the doubts and laser related questions a trainee may have and aids their learning and progression to performing Lasers safely and independently.
- Uses digitally modified images with bullet points and reference text boxes, making the content user friendly and easy to understand.

Section 1: Basic Principles of Laser
Section 2: YAG Laser
Section 3: Lasers in Glaucoma
Section 4: Photothermal Lasers
Section 5: Approach to Retinal Vascular Disease

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