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LABORATORY METHODS IN CELL BIOLOGY‚ Biochemistry and cell culture (Methods in cell biology‚ Vol.112)

LABORATORY METHODS IN CELL BIOLOGY- Biochemistry and cell culture (Methods in cell biology- Vol.112)-9780124059146
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This new volume of Methods in Cell Biology covers laboratory methods in cell biology, and includes methods that are among the most important and elucidating in the discipline, such as transfection, cell enrichment and magnetic batch separation.

1. Extraction/Characterization of DNA
2. Immunoprecipitation for Isolation of Protein Signaling Complexes from Native Tissues
3. Realtime PCR
4. Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis
5. High Throughput Methods for the Identification of Protein Purification Conditions Using a Cleavable Tag System
6. Difference Gel Electrophoresis
7. Optimization of Cell Cycle Measurement by Time Lapse-Microscopy
8. Transfection
9. Cell Enrichment
10. Magnetic Batch Separation
11. Lateral Flow Assays
12. Measurement of Cell Regeneration
13. DNA Damage Analysis in Cells
14. Purification of Cardiac Cells
15. Endothelial Cell Tube Formation in vitro assays
16. Single-particle Analysis
17. Measurement of Cell Invasivness
18. Techniques for Cell Sorting
19. Stem Cells for Drug Discovery
20. Quantifying Apoptosis in 96-well Plates
21. Pulse Cytometry
22. Cell Motility
23. Single Cell Deposition
24. Enzyme Sensors for Living Cells
25. Myoblast purifying by magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS)

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