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Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology has been expertly sequenced to offer students an optimal learning experience. Organized in a logical progression, the labs build in complexity as students progress through the book and develop their knowledge base. A consistent heading structure enables students to easily follow the material and grasp the focus of the activities. Each laboratory is a complete lesson beginning with objectives, definitions of key terms, and background information that set the stage for learning. For each of the laboratory activities, students will find step-by-step instructions, making it easier for those new to the lab setting to complete the activities. Figures and photos throughout the text illustrate the key techniques. Data sheets are provided for each of the tests, allowing students to record their individual findings. Question sets found after each activity prompt students to put their lab experiences into context, and case studies help them understand the practical applications of the tests.

The manual includes many features that further support learning. Special binding allows the book to lie flat on the lab table, and perforated pages enable students to remove their completed worksheets from the manual for grading without removing content needed for future reference. A resource finder at the front of the book helps readers locate the tests and formulas they need. A web resource packaged with new texts provides additional tools that assist students in working through the lab activities. Here they will find each of the question sets_a handy way to fill in and print answers after completing a laboratory activity. Group data sheets found only in the web resource allow students to move beyond collecting individual data. They can use these group sheets to compile data from the entire class, calculate values such as mean and range, and compare their findings to the normative data discussed in the lab.

Instructors will find that Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology offers great flexibility in choosing the activities that suit the needs of their course and their students. Each lab contains multiple activities that cover distinct methods for introducing the testing concepts. The activities can be adapted to specific lab settings, available equipment, and time allotted. Equipment lists at the beginning of each activity make it easier to choose the labs that will work best in the lab facility. To further assist instructors in preparing for courses, access to an image bank features all the photos, illustrations, and tables from the text that can be inserted into tests, quizzes, handouts, and other course materials.

Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology will help students build their professional knowledge and skills. This resource will give them the hands-on practice they need to learn in order to evaluate athletes, clinical clients, and other healthy individuals.

Laboratory 1: Primary Data Collection
Laboratory 2: Pretest Screening
Laboratory 3: Flexibility Testing
Laboratory 4: Blood Pressure Measurements
Laboratory 5: Resting Metabolic Rate Determinations
Laboratory 6: Oxygen Deficit and Debt Evaluations
Laboratory 7: Submaximal Exercise Testing
Laboratory 8: Aerobic Power Field Assessments
Laboratory 9: Maximal Oxygen Consumption Measurements
Laboratory 10: Blood Lactate Threshold Assessment
Laboratory 11: Musculoskeletal Fitness Measurements
Laboratory 12: Anaerobic Fitness Measurements
Laboratory 13: Pulmonary Function Testing
Laboratory 14: Body Composition Assessments
Laboratory 15: Electrocardiograph Measurements

Appendix A: Units of Measure and Conversions
Appendix B: Prediction Equations
Appendix C: Haldane Transformation
Appendix D: Metabolic Cart Information
Appendix E: Calibration of Equipment
Appendix F: Certifications in the Field of Exercise Science

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