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KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION‚ Step-by-Step Surgical Techniques

KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION- Step-by-Step Surgical Techniques-9783030758882
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This book provides a practically applicable guide to the latest techniques in kidney transplantation in an easy-to-digest format. Background is provided on relevant aspects of anatomy and physiology. Detailed step-by-step procedural guidance describes how to successfully perform benching surgery, kidney transplantation and graftectomy techniques.

Surgical methods of non-laparoscopic kidney procurement from deceased and living donors are also covered. Potential complications with relevant prevention and resolution strategies are discussed to assist the reader in developing a deep understanding of the methodologies presented. In this book, the author shares his knowledge and experience gained over 35 years in the field of kidney procurement, preparation and transplantation. The book is a monograph and contains many of the author""s individual views on certain kidney procurement and transplantation techniques.

Kidney Transplantation: Step-by-Step Surgical Techniques is a concise overview of techniques for kidney procurement, benching and transplantation. Therefore, it is a valuable resource for all practicing and trainee practitioners who encounter these patients in their day-to-day practice.

Basic Anatomy of the Kidney, Ureters and the Urinary Bladder, and Their Functions
Non-Laparoscopic Kidney Procurement Techniques from Living and Deceased Donors
Kidney Transport, Inspection and Preparation for Transplantation
Kidney Transplant Surgery Techniques
Methods of Treatment of Surgical Complications After Kidney Transplantation
Surgical Technique to Remove a Transplanted Kidney: Graftectomy or Transplantectomy
The Most Important Issues in Qualifying a Patient for a Kidney Transplant by a Surgeon
What a Safe and Successful Kidney Transplant Program Depends on?

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